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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Inside My Hat and Other Heads, Artists and Writers ISBN 9781916310704


Have you ever considered reading poetry and then thought what have poems to do with the real world?Inside the covers of this book are real life poems from real life poets.So what is a poet? Just a human, that isn’t only being but also saying and doing.OK, so what is a poem? Just words telling a story in a short rhyming or otherwise burst,words and images from inside our heads.Hope springs eternal and visions will spring from the pages herein.

by Mr Alun Buffry (Author), Ms Ariadne Snail (Author), Ms Melissa Doordaughter (Author), Mr Rocky van de Benderskum (Author), Ms Sarah Davis (Author), Ms Sarah Sativa (Author), Mr Winston Matthews (Author), Mr Phil Monk (Author), Mr Steve Cook (Author), Ms Jacqui Malkin (Illustrator)

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

C’est N’est Pas Cher, Man by Alun Buffry (1977)

C’est N’est Pas Cher, Man
Alun Buffry (1977)

Mirhleft is a village grand,
Made of pink rock and yellow sand.

It’s good to lay besides the sea,
Or sit and watch, just you and me,
The sunset or the street outside,
Where nothing changes with the tide.

I dream that we can ride a bike,
Or catch a bus, even hitch-hike,
Up the valleys, over mountains,
In search of rivers deep and magic fountains.

Then I return into this room,
Where all the morn and afternoon,
We can lay and smoke and play,
Yet in this place one has to pay

Five dirhams a gram,
“C’est n’est pas cher, man!”

KATMANDONEIN by Alun Buffry (Nepal 1985)

by Alun Buffry
(Nepal 1985)

Now we've been in Katmandu a while.
Is it just the highness makes us smile?
Is it the atmosphere makes us light?
Or the mountains within our sight?

Lesley reckons people here take bigger steps!
Maybe they are all secret tantric cult adepts?
Anyway you look at it, they're hapy
Even if their ways are sometimes crappy!

How come everything here seems so cheap?
Yet money seems so hard to keep?
Don't seem to spend alot in any place
Just drifting round the city in a space.

Decided to stay here a few more days,
Smoking trying not to get out-hazed.
In the morning here if there is no sun,
Read a local Tantric yoga boo, it could be fun.

Monday, 30 September 2019

PRAYING FOR A BUS by Alun Buffry (1985, India)

by Alun Buffry (1985, India)

We left Delhi 4 P.M. today
To Kathmandu by bus
But midnight whilst still on the way
We stopped without a fuss.

It had been quite a bumpy ride
Through places without names
The seating wasn't very wide
No sleep, it was a shame.

Half day upon this bus we are
Frying in the heat,
This is no delux bus by far
It is a lying cheat.

Another bus soon coming here,
Well. that is what we're told,
Exactly when is not made clear,
No Indian is that bold.

Then still we're waiting on the bus,
Later on that day,
A Foreign girl invited us
To come along and pray.

"We'll do some prayers and puja chants
And maybe sing a song,
If that don't work we'll maybe dance
And bus will come along."

The bus to Kathmandu we think
Will much improve our mood,
And on the way, perhaps a drink,
And then a plate of food.

"Oh bus! Oh bus! Show us your magic!
Come and save this day,
For this trip we're on's become quite tragic..."
Oh! Now we're on our way!

Rajasthan Desert Song by Alun Buffry, 1985

Rajasthan Desert Song
Alun Buffry

Lesley and I went down to Rajasthan
Desert, with Salima, a camel riding man.
Through a morning trotting on,
Just the sound of Salima's songs.
Peahens, crows and tinkle bells,
Crowds of men at water wells,
Telling tales of who-knows-what
While we're wishing it not so hot.
Stop for lunch, a shady tree,
Eat some vegetable chapatti,
Drinking some chai, hot and sweet
Try to avoid the deadly heat.
All around us golden sand,
Shrubs and cacti about this land.
"Be careful please, where you sit,
"Cos desert's full of camel shit."