Wednesday, 2 March 2011

UK Government Favours Drugs over Plants Remedies

It is now surely 100% obvious that there is something happening behind the public eye that makes this Government refuse to acknowledge the medicinal value of the cannabis plant - it is MONEY from the big Pharmaceutical companies that will make fortune out of their extracts whilst supporting the punishment of people that grow exactly the same type of plant that they use to make their blood-money.
In a letter received by an associate recently, (see page 1 and page 2) writen to his MP by James Brokenshire MP of the UK Home Office, he sates that despite Government's plans to re-schedule the cannabis-extract preparation called Sativex under the Misuse of Drugs Act Regulations 2001, which will make it medically available (at huge cost) in the UK, the Government stubbornly and ignorantly refuse to accept that the cannabis plant itself has medicinal value.

Mr Brokenshire wrote: "I should make it clear that the ACMD's advice on 'Sativex' and the future scheduling of this product do not effect, in any way, the scheduling of raw cannabis.  Cannabis is and will remain a schedule 1 drug under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001, as we do not recognise that it has any medicinal value"
Where have our  MP's been?  The fact is, the cannabis plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years and in fact was available over the counter in the UK until 1971, when it was banned supposedly to try to halt the so-called "recreational use".

The Home Office ruling is nothing other than a bias towards big industry that have so much power over us as individuals.  For the price of one short course of Sativex many many therapeutic plants could be grown and supplied to the many many thousands of people that could benefit from it.

Shame on the UK Government!


  1. I'm wondering Alun, maybe when the HO does re-schedule Sativex, maybe we should launch a standalone campaign to raise the funding to go to judicial review on the matter?

    Darryl Brokenshire gets more absurd by the day. Ooops! Freudian slip there.

  2. I have for some time been convinced that a Judicial Review is the way but we need a Barrister and they certainly do not come cheap

  3. Get a figure established and we'll all chip in

  4. As the Home office is effectively going against the Schengen agreement it is quiet possibly a EU learned barrister we are looking for. This will take a benevalent sponsor allright, someone who has made a packet, the LCA cannot afford such sums.

  5. The Home Office is not going against the Schengen Agreement. It specifically states that its protection comes from the state of residence and cannot therefore cover UK residents as there is no legitimate medicinal cannabis system here.

    The legal opportunity here is to challenge the prohibition of medicinal cannabis on the basis that it is discriminatory under EU law.

  6. Richard Branson