Monday, 30 May 2011

Dutch Coffeeshop weedpass - is it justifiable?

Reports (1, 2, 3, 4) coming from The Netherlands over the last few months suggest that some Dutch politicians wish to restrict the entry into Coffeeshops (and tolerated purchase of cannabis).

The concept, which would effectively ban everyone except those with Dutch residency from entering a Coffeeshop seems to be based upon the idea that the Coffeeshops were originally tolerated in order to control cannabis in The Netherlands for the sake of the Dutch people.

Apart from the question of legality under European Law and Human Rights, that state that the treatment of all individuals must be equal and not based upon "property" (residence being property) one is forced to ask what sense there would be in such a move.

Of course, forcing the massive number of people that visit The Netherlands to be able to purchase and enjoy cannabis in comfort and safety, away from the world of crime and hard drugs would benefit only one section of society there - the criminals that would find a massive increase in potential customers on the streets of Dutch cities.

In reality any Dutch resident would be able to buy a "Weed Pass", enter a Coffeeshop and purchase cnanabis, that coule then be contaminated to boost profits when it is sold to "foreigners" at inflated prices on the streets - and of course those profits would be beyond the reach of the taxman.

Our Governments are supposed to act in the best interests of the people - yet how would such a ban help anyone except criminals?

Many Dutch people say that this is an on-going issue and a bluff!

The question remains, what sort of misguided and bigotted thinking could be behind the idea and why.

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  1. Amsterdam wouldn't be Amsterdam without the public coffeeshops. If they want to increase tourism by High numbers, this isn't the way to act...!!