Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Cannabis Question In the House, 9th May 2011 (UK)


  1. The Government speaks and acts in defiance of its own experts, the general public and the experiences from countries where the cannabis plant is allowed and recognised as a medicine.

    Mr Brokenshire says he has sympathy with people that suffer yet supports their punishment for trying to ease their pains using home-grown cannabis for their own use.

    All medicines have negative impact on some users yet are not banned because of it.

    The Government is favouring a drug company that is turning out a product that is often too expensive for the NHS service to supply whilst prosecuting people-in-dire-need for growing a few plants for themselves at home.

  2. seems to me the only reason the Advisory council for the misuse of drugs is on their side is because the last guy who stood up to them got fired and smeared.

  3. Also Alun, it's amazing how Cameron specifically said in the Youtube interview that medicinal cannabis was a matter for scientists and professionals. Yet, it is the government's proclamation that cannabis has no medical value and no change is to be brought about on those terms.

    The polite term for this latest answer in the house is disingenuous!

  4. The 'advice council' need some advice. Something wrong with this advice.