Thursday, 17 March 2011

Malaysia: Vegetable Farmer Gets Death For Cannabis Trafficking

It's atrocious to read these terrible articles announcing the impending horrific death of a human being for doing nothing more than selling cannabis.

Despite the fact that cannabis may be illegal in Malaysia or elsewhere, Ahmad Roslan, appears to have done nothing more than most people try to do - earn a profit - and the truth is that the cannabis was extremely unlikely to have done harm to anyone including the ultimate buyers. To be given the death penalty for such a comparatively "safe" crime - is entirely disproportional and atrocious in any civilised country or culture.

Of course this is not the first sentence of this severity to be handed out for cannabis and Malaysia is not the only country to do so.

Below is the article: I hope that you will join me in writing to the Malaysian paper expressing your feelings about this; write to Editor- in-Chief Bernama

BERNAMA - Vegetable Farmer Gets Death For Cannabis Trafficking

March 17 2011

ALOR SETAR, March 17 (Bernama) -- A vegetable farmer was sentenced to death by the High Court here Thursday, when he was found guilty of trafficking in 26.35 kilogrammes of cannabis, two years ago.

Judge Datuk Zakiah Kassim delivered the sentence on Ahmad Roslan Mat, 46, after the prosecution established a prima facie case against him.

Ahmad Roslan, who hails from Selama, Perak, was alleged to have committed the offence at 5.15pm on May 1, 2009 by the roadside at Kampung Tebing Tinggi in Baling.


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