Friday, 18 March 2011

Locking up people that use cannabis to alleviate pain - is that what people want?

Do any Government really imagine that prison will stop people using drugs, let alone medicinally beneficial and essential ones, like cannabis? 

Even though they have done no harm to anyone or anything?

As soon as they are released, they will re-offend, so in that sense it is delaying what is inevitable because it is also the essential.  Just like all people that find a particular plant or medicine effective, they will use it when they can.  It is a necessity.

So the taxpayers have to pay to unjustly imprison a medicinal cannabis user, which is futile - or the user has to resort to more expensive and more dangerous ineffective pharmaceuticals - which is futile.

If given the choice of financing the imprisonment or the pharmaceutical drugs,  or allowing the person to produce and use their own cannabis, or a carer to do it for them, cannabis that the user claims as highly beneficial to them at no cost to the taxpayer - what would most people chose? 

Everyone I ask says the third choice - let them grow safely!

So it cannot be in the public interest to imprison such a user (or in fact punish them at all) - and if it's not in the public interest, who's interest is it really in?

Can anyone on earth honestly answer that?

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  1. The answer to your last question is quite a simple one (and one im sure you already know): The Industries. And by extension, Government.

    Many industries believe that if cannabis were to be legalised, they would go out of business. This is due to the plant being a much cheaper, much easier to produce alternative to their product.
    In actuality, the majority of them could simply convert to selling the alternative version enabled by the legalisation of marijuana.

    As a result, these industries lobby our corrupted politicians and their parties with large sums of money to keep cannabis illegal.

    The unnecessary suffering of millions is not in the general publics interest, but in the interest of the greedy corporations and politicians.

    And it is sick.