Friday, 8 July 2011

Recovering alcoholic said he planted seeds because drug was 'too expensive'

Mr Willey ought to be congratulated not punished for staying off the booze and staying away from drug dealers.

Had it been any other plant, he probably would have - but as it was cannabis, one of the most versatile, efficacious plants on earth with thousands of beneficial uses, he could have been given an award.

Clearly he did no harm so why has he been punished? What a stupid and unjust law!!

Source: Surrey Today & Dorking Advertiser
July 8 2011
A GARDENER was caught growing more than 300 cannabis plants – after he invited police into his home about another matter.
Martin Willey, 45, will have to do community work after cultivating the drug, which was discovered after he reported a person missing and officers visited his Capel home.
Mr Willey appeared at Redhill Magistrates' Court, where he admitted one charge of producing 306 Class B cannabis plants.
He told the court that he called the police regarding the whereabouts of his partner, who suffers from bipolar disorder and has tried to commit suicide.
The recovering alcoholic had been looking after his partner's child and even taking him along to some of his gardening jobs, but had been finding life increasingly tough.
He said: "I have been dry for three years and two months now, so I know that I cannot touch the drink, but by God sometimes I need a smoke."
The defendant pleaded guilty to growing the plants, saying that he had turned to growing cannabis because he could not afford the street price of the drug.
Mr Willey said: "I used to buy cannabis, to be honest, but it has got so expensive. All I did was plant a few seeds, I wasn't really expecting anything to come of them."
He was found to have a hydroponics system and all the paraphernalia to cultivate cannabis in his home, but none of the plants had yet been harvested.
Chairman of the bench Tudor Thomas told Mr Willey: "The cannabis had not been harvested and we have no reason to believe that you had the intention of selling on the drug. However, your actions cannot go unpunished and we sentence you to 140 hours' unpaid work in the community. We understand that you are sorry and urge you to draw a line under this offence and move on with your life."
Mr Willey, now of Killicks, Cranleigh, was also ordered to pay court costs of £87.

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