Saturday, 3 September 2011

Drugs campaigner 'grew plants for medical purposes' - Winston Matthews

Why don't police leave this man alone?

Unless he is doing harm to others or their property of somehow threatening public health or public order, then Mr Matthews is quite correct that his Human Rights are being infringed by police and courts.

It is quite clear in human Rights law that authority had no Right to interfere with the Private Life or Beliefs of a person UNLESS that person is in breach of the Rights and laws that protect public health, public order, national security or the Rights of others. It is quite clear in the Act that law alone is not enough.

So a man grows a few plants at home because it eases his medical complaint - he ought to be congratulated and encouraged for turning away from expensive pharmaceutical pills with risk of unpleasant side-effects and is in fact saving the NHS money and the taxpayers- which the police are wasting.

Drugs campaigner 'grew plants for medical purposes'

By Amy Taylor , GetSurrey
September 02, 2011

A CANNABIS campaigner who claimed he was being 'discriminated against' has admitted to growing more than 80 plants at home.
Winston Matthews, of Upfield Close, Horley, pleaded guilty at Guildford Crown Court on Wednesday (August 30) to three counts of cultivating cannabis plants, and to two of possessing the class B drug.
An outspoken member of Surrey's Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA), Matthews, 50, said that he uses the drug for medical purposes.
According to his defence barrister, Ben Cooper, Matthews was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C, in addition to a number of other serious medical conditions, and creates tinctures, or alcoholic extracts, from the plants that he grows.
He was charged with growing a total of 84 plants on three separate dates between August 23 and December 16 last year, and to having 4.75g of cannabis and 7.36g of cannabis resin on his person on December 16.
Defending, Mr Cooper told Judge Peter Moss that Matthews felt "discriminated against as a medical user of cannabis", and that he had been convicted of similar matters on previous occasions.
The case was adjourned until October 14 to allow for medical reports on his condition to be drawn up before sentencing.
Releasing him on bail, Judge Moss told Matthews that he had to live at his given address and remain 'drug-free' for his appointments with the probation service.
"If what he says is right, then he is going to be doing it every day," he said, addressing his defence team.
"What concerns me is that he's probably still growing it. If the police were to go down there now there would probably be another indictment."

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