Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cannabis smoker jailed after weed worth £3k found at his home

The cannabis is not worth anything financially unless the intent was to sell it.

Cultivation of cannabis for own use is victimless.

To justify interfering with the Human Right to a private life, that is, the police raid and arrest, the authorities need to show that it was in order to protect public health, public order, national security or the Rights of others.

I don't see how they can do that - even based upon their claim that smoking cannabis is harmful -- after all, we know passive smoking of cannabis is a risk to the health of others and that is allowed in one's own home (I am not saying that is should not be) and in the open air.

Problem is the whole Government and most of the Criminal Justice System is corrupt

Cannabis smoker jailed after weed worth £3k found at his home

The Sentinel, December 6 2011

A CANNABIS smoker who grew the drug at his home just months after receiving a caution for the same offence has been jailed for eight months.
Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court yesterday heard Michael Goodwin, aged 32, received a police caution last December for growing cannabis.
But at 3.50pm on September 3 a police officer smelt the class B drug as he walked along Orion Street in Smallthorne.
"He knocked on the door and the defendant answered," said prosecutor Fiona Cortese.
"There was an overwhelming smell of cannabis. The house was searched and the defendant was asked is he had any cannabis. He said 'Yes, upstairs'."
The court heard in the front bedroom there were cannabis plants and heat lamps. In total there was 3,030 grams of wet cannabis and 836 grams of dried cannabis valued at between £2,360 and £3,585.
Goodwin told police he had been growing the plants for about six weeks. He said he had smoked cannabis since he was aged 15 and would have smoked the drug himself. He added the cannabis would have lasted him between eight and 12 months.
The defendant, now of Ashman Street, Smallthorne, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis on the basis it was for his own personal use.
Stuart Muldoon, mitigating, asked Judge Mark Eades to consider suspending any prison sentence.
Mr Muldoon said Goodwin did not try to hide anything from the police and made full and frank admissions in his interview.
He added that the defendant has now completely stopped smoking cannabis.
Judge Eades said it was a serious aggravating feature that Goodwin produced the drug so soon after being handed the police caution.
He told the defendant: "On December 9 last year you were cautioned for using a residential property to cultivate 14 large and 25 small cannabis plants for your personal use.
"I do not know why the police chose to caution you. The guideline case indicates nine to 18 months in prison for a first time offender.
"One would have hoped the police would have pointed out to you what the going rate was, that for a first offender it usually leads to immediate imprisonment.
"Your reaction was cavalier in the extreme.
"Within eight months you had bought fresh equipment and set up a production plant in a different address."
Goodwin will serve up to half his sentence with the rest on licence.

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  1. Whatever you think about legalising Cannabis, this instance was obviously a grow-for-profit operation.

    The guy had nearly a kilo of seasoned weed, 3 kilo's he was drying, and he also had a new crop growing.

    Thats one hell of a personal stash !