Saturday, 19 May 2012

Man used cannabis to combat anger - will he be punished for not using NHS drugs?

Why is it that we keep reading articles about people that grew and used cannabis in their own homes to their own medicinal benefit being taken to court and punished for it?

"Mr Tomlinson said: "He felt it would be better to take cannabis than Prozac."

For sure I am convinced that is true.

As for the estimate of value - had it been sold - well that just goes to show that nobody knows the yield until it was ready - and IF he had sold it (which seems down to what the police "believe"), would his customers have been victims or other people that felt the plant was better than expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

It's almost as if the courts are telling us "buy our drugs - if you grow cannabis we will make you pay!"

And the taxpayers will be made to pay either way, either for the NHS drugs or the court cases. 
Man grew cannabis to help him calm his anger problem
Derby Telegraph, May 19 2012

A SELF-EMPLOYED engineer grew cannabis plants to self-medicate his anger problem, a court was told.
Police found 20 plants at Lee Priest's home in Derby Road, Heanor.
They were growing under three timer-controlled lamps in a basement, magistrates in Chesterfield were told.
Becky Mahon, prosecuting, said the plants had a potential street value of between £3,600 and £11,250, depending on their yield.
Priest told police he was going to let them grow for another fortnight and then check on the internet what to do next.
Ms Mahon said: "He said he had anger management issues and smoked up to half an ounce of cannabis a week, and he used it to relax himself.
"Police believe he would keep some for his own use and sell the rest to subsidise the outlay for future crops."
Kevin Tomlinson, in mitigation, said Priest had been prescribed Prozac for depression but it had an adverse effect on him.
Mr Tomlinson said: "He felt it would be better to take cannabis than Prozac."
Priest, 33, admitted producing 20 cannabis plants between January 1 and March 12.
He will be sentenced on July 13. He was granted bail.

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