Friday, 14 September 2012

No Victim, No Crime

The issue about cannabis has always seemed simple to me - two points:

1.  If there was nobody harmed or put at risk, then why punish a person in possession or cultivating the plant cannabis?

2.  If the user / grower has no victims then they should be getting the protection of the law - just like victimless alcohol drinkers - not punished by it.

The Antigua Observer, September 14 2012 
Decriminalise cannabis? Public weighs in

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – OBSERVER Media has taken the debate about decriminalisation of marijuana to the streets of Antigua & Barbuda, getting the viewpoint of the people of the nation.
Walking the streets in town, surrounding Heritage Quay, OBSERVER media reporters asked the timely question, “What do you think about the prospect of decriminalising small amounts of marijuana on island?”
The responses from everyday people were as varied as those pundits, lawyers, detractors and politicians that weighed in on the debate last week on the Voice of the People.
A middle-aged woman working in vendor’s mall said that relaxing the laws that currently prohibit the use of marijuana could be a Pandora’s box for the nation, saying as a Christian, she cannot support such an initiative.
“I don’t think that it should be legalised in Antigua, not at all. I don’t believe in any type of drug … I know it does a lot to the brain because of smoking it and they are mixing it with other substances.”
She added that it might be the gateway to more crime in the nation, saying, “I do believe it will (cause more crime) when they smoke this drug. The high can be very dangerous. It is going to be very, very bad if they legalise it.”
However, a security guard in the area said that decriminalising the drug would help “heal the nation”, stating that is has healing purposes and a calming effect on the youth.
“I don’t think it is a threat to nobody’s life or any craziness about people getting crazy. They should leave it alone and don’t charge anybody for it. But ask people to use it accordingly, don’t smoke it but boil it (as a tea),” the guard said.

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