Saturday, 25 May 2013

10 Years for 10 grammes of cannabis in Ghana Shock.

How sad in this day when so many people are suffering at the hands of real and heavy criminals yet your country locks up a man for a small amount of plant material when it does not sound like he has harmed anyone. Reading the news and it seems that cannabis could actually be one of the most versatile and beneficial plants on earth and certainly not the dangerous narcotic Ugandan law seems to suggest.
May 25 2013

A carpenter caught with 10.58 grammes of cannabis has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in hard labour by the Juaso Circuit Court presided over by Mr. Alex Obeng Asante.
Kwadwo Yeboah was arrested by the Juaso Neighbourhood Watch Committee on December 5, last year, and pleaded guilty to the offence of possessing narcotic drugs.
Police Inspector Manasseh Obimpeh told the court that members of the committee were on routine patrol when they spotted the convict smoking what they suspected to be cannabis at about 0200 hours.
He said the members decided to confront him but on seeing them, Yeboah attempted to flee but was apprehended and a search conducted on him uncovered two wraps of dried leaves in his pocket and was handed over to the police together with the exhibit.
Police Inspector Obimpeh said a sample of the substance was sent to the Police Forensic Laboratory in Accra for examination and was confirmed to be cannabis.


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