Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Strange Justice That Convicts For Victimless Private Activities

It is disturbing to see Court cases where there are no victims and the only losers are the defendant and the taxpayers and one should be forgiven for thinking such cases to be politically or religiously motivated.

Sadly this is happening daily throughout the country in particular the likes of those prosecuted for possession or cultivation of cannabis for their own use in private.

It is even more shocking when these people are sent to prison for growing plants for medicinal use whilst GW Pharmaceuticals are licensed to grow tens if not hundreds of thousands of the same plants that they use to produce their highly profitable and expensive Sativex.

One incredible distinction made by Government is that Sativex is now scheduled in the UK as a drug with medicinal value whereas the plants themselves are still scheduled as a drug with no medical use.

Incredible to think that a pharmaceutical company is capable of creating a product with medicinal value from a plant with no medical value when the only difference is the alcohol used in the extraction process and the peppermint used in the flavouring.

It's little short of a scientific miracle, magic or alchemy, like turning lead into gold.

Can you imagine a time when lead is in fact turned into gold but the process was limited to the rich and powerful and anyone else risks prison for even trying it - even possession of lead is illegal?   I would call that tyranny.

That is what is happening in the UK and Neil Morgan’s recent imprisonment is one example.

Neil had been growing cannabis for his own use for many years and been sent to prisons and fined several times before his most recent case.

In all the cases there was nobody else involved, there were no victims, it was done in private, but despite Neil's attempts to stand up for his Right to a Private Life, Neil was repeatedly punished by the courts.

So it does not take much to see that if Neil was doing no harm to anyone or causing no risk to public health the only reason why he was prosecuted at all - was due to laws made by politicians, law that seem to favour the profits of big businesses.

How much longer will the public vote in these tyrannical prohibitionists that put law above Justice and profits above people?

How much longer will we stand for it?

Maybe people would wake up if it was tea and not cannabis - if the only tea they could get was many times the price from the chemist - of course cannabis and tea are very different plants - for a start tea has less medicinal value and uses and cannabis is less toxic.


UK: Cannabis user said prosecution was "breach of human rights" (Neil Morgan)

South Wales Evening Post
Sunday 18 May 2014

A MAN convicted of growing cannabis told a court if he was jailed there would be no-one to look after his dogs.

But a judge said, while he was sympathetic towards the animals, he would not be emotionally blackmailed and sentenced 58-year- old Neil Morgan to a year behind bars.

Swansea Crown Court heard Morgan had changed his lifestyle and switched from the growing of cannabis to producing mead and breeding dogs. He was convicted by a jury after standing trial at the court after denying cultivating drugs.

He had previously told the court he believed the prosecution was a breach of his human rights.

Morgan, from Hillrise Park in Clydach, has a long list of previous convictions for growing or possessing the drug.

His barrister Carina Hughes told Judge Paul Thomas that since his arrest for this latest offence, Morgan said he had broken his 40-year addiction to cannabis and instead turned his interests to making mead and breeding Jack Russell dogs.

Miss Hughes said Morgan had known he faced prison and had, in the time since his conviction, tried to re-home the 17 dogs, but not all had been.

Miss Hughes said: "He has had a significant change in attitude. In my submission, if he is given a custodial sentence then there's a potential here for him to take steps backwards. "

If he comes out of prison destitute, with no home, no dogs and having lost his mead interest he's likely to turn back to use cannabis."

But Judge Thomas then said that any attempt by Morgan to use the dogs to "emotionally blackmail" the court would not work because Morgan had known for more than a year he was likely to go to prison.

The judge told him although Miss Hughes had said everything she could on his behalf, because she did not represent him at trial she had not seen his "unrepentant" attitude throughout.

"Had you decided not to contest this matter, it may be that there would be some scope, although unlikely, for a different outcome.

"The time has come that you must learn that cultivating cannabis is an offence, whatever your personal views.

"I had, and still have, huge sympathy for your dogs but you have had over a year to do something about that," he added.

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