Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Peace is more than the absence of war

So who looks at any possible solutions to the eye for an eye philosophy? is there a solution? is war a natural part of the animal called (wo)man? 
Is the world too big to change?
My personal belief is that to put an end to war we need to spread peace. Not just the idea of peace but the experience, the feeling, the knowing how to get that feeling, and it would need to be a feeling available practically to every human being irrespective of health, wealth, education, religion or no religion, in all parts of the world, given freely and not through challenging indoctrination or preaching religion. It would have to be universally acceptable and beneficial, like air or water, like breath itself. But I know that in order for that to happen, there is a massive amount of concept, misunderstanding, fear and opposition to overcome.
The process starts with me, the process starts with you.
I can only tell you about my personal experiences of how and when I was shown how to find that peace within inside me in 1972: it cost me nothing but a little effort and some acceptance of a gift.
Once peace is found within inside oneself, it spreads, it helps overcome fear, anger, hatred, greed and it leads to contentment.
World peace is something else, an end to war would be a start, but even where there is no war people sometimes fail to find peace, for peace is not simply the absence of war.

I am so happy to know that in this day that experience is on offer, for free.


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