Sunday, 26 July 2020

Covid19 and facemasks

It really puzzles me why "anti-maskers" spend so much time on FB trying to persuade people not to wear a face mask

- I really do not buy into the idea that wearing one is bowing down to government control, defiintely any more than buying a TV license or taking any other government advice

- even though I know our government wants to control us, does tell lies and present false figure, even though i read so-called experts giving contradictory advive and even though masks may not be 100% effective against the virus just like many precautions are not 100% guaranteees.

If weaaing a mask decreases the chances of somebody spreading the virus even by just 5%, even if it does nothing but help other people feel more at ease,

I will wear one as it does no harm to me or anybody else and causes no great discomfort (people with breathing problems and children ten or under do not have to wear one). I will also continue to keep my distance and wash my hands.

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