Saturday, 15 August 2020

Words of Weed and Wisdom - The Book and the T-Shirt


Hi, DON'T FORGET OUR HAPPY READERS COMPETITION - with a prize worth winning - post your selfie with the WORDS OF WEED AND WISDOM book or pics of family or freinds with the book - tag yourself in - we will move your pic to this album, then get your FB friends to like your pic in this album - the pic with most likes at end of September 28th 2020 will win the mystery prize. Authors' pics are not included in the competition but you can LIKE them anyway!

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Words of Weed and Wisdom is NOW ALSO ON KINDLE

WELCOME. We hope that you will LIKE and SHARE this page, buy the book and support the cause of ending the prosecution of victimless people for the possession, cultivation and supply of cannabis - the price is set so postage is free and all profits will go to the cause; we hope that you will send us a photo of yourself, or somebody else, with the book for our "Happy Readers" album.

Words of Weed and Wisdom is an anthology of poetry, prose and sketches by some of the UK's cannabis enthuisiasts.
Available on Amazon ISBN 9781916310766 from Amazon worldwide, through bookshops or from any of the authors,

All profits from the sale of the book and T-shirt will go towards the fight to end the unjust prosecutions of victimless growers and consumers of the cannabis plant and its products. #WTU

With contributions from:
Alun Buffry
Clara O'Donnell
Jacqui Malkin
Jezza Austin
Mars Bilters
Melissa Doordaughter
Phil Monk
Rocky van de Benderskum
Ryan Kief
Sarah Dougan AKA Sarah Sativa
Steve Cook

Cover artwork by Rocky van de Benderskum
Published by ABeFree Publishing July 2020


Words of Weed and Wisdom is NOW ALSO ON KINDLE

Words of Weed and Wisdom T-Shirts by Ryan Kief are available here…/words-of-weed-and-wisdom-t-shirt

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