Saturday, 23 April 2011

Pot-laced food sickens local middle schoolers

“All of the children are fine,” Brandais said.

Whilst being thankful that no harm was done by the cannabis cookies - which were intended for "medical" purposes - it comes as no surprise, for according to Judge Francis Young, cannabis is one of the safest therapeutic substances, and Prof Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School described it as " remarkably safe".
Seven Serra Mesa middle-school students were taken to a hospital Friday morning after reports they were hallucinating or feeling sick after ingesting a cannabis substance.  Officers were called to William H. Taft Middle School on Gramercy Drive about 9:35 a.m., San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesman Maurice Luque said.
The students told authorities they had eaten a brownie bar laced with marijuana.

The students reportedly ate the brownies on a bus on the way to school in the morning, said Jack Brandais, spokesman for the San Diego Unified School District. All of them had recovered by Friday evening, he said.
“They seemed to be excited about the prospect of going to the hospital,” Luque said.
Cannabis is indeed an almost unique plant that ought to be fully utilised, for it seems to be beneficial for so many medical conditions and yet is far safer than expensive pharmaceutical productions including the cannabis-extract medicine called "Sativex"

Of course we don't want schoolkids taking cannabis, but praise be that it was cannabis that they took and not some pills that may have killed them

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