Thursday, 19 April 2012

Is cannabis "getting stronger"?

I have heard it claimed in the UK that "cannabis is getting stronger".

As somebody that smoked cannabis 40 years ago and many times since, including some of the strongest varieties of "home-grown" today, I can categorically say that it is not true.

However, it is often different: people are growing more of the stronger varieties here for two reasons: first it is illegal, and grown indoors in secret with limited space; secondly because many people, whether using for easing pain, treating symptoms or for relaxation, prefer to stronger varieties of which one has to smoke less.

Also many people seem to prefer cannabis with a high THC and lower CBD level, which has a different effect - but the overall effect is and always has been down to "set and setting" - as well as the potency it is dependent upon the mind-set of the user and the surroundings and people in which it is taken.

It's like saying "coffee is getting stronger" because that is how it is made and that is what people want to drink.

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