Monday, 16 April 2012

Man who tried to grow cannabis in his shed for medical reasons unjustly punished

What an atrocious waste of police time and public funds and what a terrible injustice even taking this man to court.

Although a curfew is not exactly a harsh punishment, it is still too much.

This man does not appear to have done any harm or posed any risk, growing his medicinal plants in his private dwelling.

Now I guess he will have to do without the natural and safe pain-relieving effects of plants and turn to risky and expensive pharmaceutical preparations.

Surely the Misuse of Drugs Act was not meant to stop people growing plants for their own beneficial use.

We need to see the law changed and the medicinal value of raw and natural cannabis recognised in the UK as it has been in so many other countries.

Man tried to grow cannabis in his shed for medical reasons
Thisislancashire, April 16 2012

A MAN who attempted to grow 80 cannabis plants in his garden shed was cultivating the crop in order to deal with a medical condition, a court heard.
When police visited Derek Doherty’s home in Parkfield Avenue, New Bury, they found a propagator tray full of seedlings hidden behind a partition in the shed.
Joseph Allman, prosecuting, told Bolton Crown Court on Friday it was an “extremely amateurish set-up” with no high-wattage lighting, ventilation or irrigation usually associated with cannabis farms.
Scrap dealer Doherty, aged 41, told police he usually smokes five cannabis cigarettes a day and spends up to £20 a week on buying the drug.
Richard Dawson, defending, added that the attempt to grow the drug, which was to be for his own use, was “doomed to failure.”
He said: “In a cold, dark outside shed, in all likelihood the plants would have withered away.”
The court heard that Doherty, who pleaded guilty to producing cannabis, has received a caution for a similar offence a few months earlier, but was using cannabis in order to help alleviate pain in his leg caused by a road traffic injury.
Judge John Appleby sentenced Doherty to be electronically monitored and observe a 7pm to 7am curfew for four months.

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