Thursday, 6 February 2014

What does it mean that cannabis is illegal?

What does it mean that cannabis is illegal? 

First it must be stressed that it is not cannabis itself that is illegal or punished by law.

It means that people can be punished for possession or cultivation even if they have done no harm or posed no threat.

It means that people that could benefit from medicinal uses are denied the right to grow for themselves, forced to either go to drug dealers or take pharmaceutical pills that are often pricey, with possibly serious side-effects, and often highly dangerous in themselves.

It means that police and courts have to spend their time prosecuting people that are more often-than-not otherwise law-abiding citizens.

It means that whilst pharmaceutical companies make massive profits the taxpayers foot the bill.

It means that whilst those denied the benefits of the plant are punished, those minority of users that suffer often hide away for fear of punishment.

It means that people of all ages are exposed to hard drugs and crime through street dealers - and it is quite obvious after so many years of prohibition that cannot be stopped.

My question is: if one comes across a person suffering from mental health abnormalities after consuming cannabis, would one call a policeman or a doctor?

That is what prohibition is about and that is why I favour repeal of the repressive drugs laws to take control out of the hands of criminals and to respect Human Rights.

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