Saturday, 21 February 2015

Cannabis and the UK Elections - The Green Party

The Green Party have done nothing to help legalise cannabis possession, cultivation and trade, over the last twenty years, now the election is coming and somebody thinks that they can appeal to the cannabis campaign for votes, I personally need more than a policy that they have mostly kept quiet.

They sat back and watched the trials of THC4MS, Biz Ivol, Colin Davies, Chris Baldwin, Pinky, Winston Matthews, Grannie Pat, Neil Morgan and SO MANY more innocents that were punished for usinga plant to their personal benefit.

All we saw was a poorly attended debate on drugs.

I want a PLEDGE.

This is what I am waiting to hear publicly announced by the Green Party before I consider giving my vote, not simply a third party telling me that you have a cannabis policy that you are afraid to mention for fear of losing votes, but something like this:

"When it comes to the question is it JUST to arrest and punish people for possession or cultivation of cannabis for their own use in their own homes if they have done no harm - the answer is NO. The Green Party will do everything in our power to put that right."

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