Sunday, 6 November 2016

JURY NULLIFICATION - Acquit victimless crimes

Michelle X has recently been to court - some may say that the judge let her off lightly (I put a link to the article in COMMENTS below) BUT she has a conviction thanks to the people of the UK that sat on the jury, probably ignorant of their DUTY and RIGHT to acquit IF they believe that the LAW IS WRONG, something that few judges will allow said in court or they tell the jury to ignore it.

It is called JURY NULLIFICATION in the US and has worked, turning the jurors to acquit even when the evidence is of "guilt|

It has worked in the UK too - this is ONE POWERFUL WAY to defeat the INJUSTICE OF LAW.

SO........ how many campaigners and activists will push their clubs, associations and groups to participate in this CAMPAIGN TO EDUCATE THE JURY by printing and distributing fliers, writing to the press etc - here is some more info and a flier to print

Woman who grew 40,000 UK Pounds worth of cannabis escapes jail after telling judge Prince Charles inspired her to do so

'I will carry on growing drugs' says cannabis campaigner convicted of having plants at home

MS sufferer avoids jail after she tells judge she thought taking Cannabis was OK because Prince Charles talked of its benefits on TV

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