Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn and Labour: How to Win the next general election

Dear Mr Corbyn,

I would very much appreciate if you could read this brief document that was written over a decade ago but still applies today.  The response we received from Carolyne Flynn at the time acknowledged our arguments but said that Labour would not change the law on cannabis because they thought it would lead to increased use and harm, despite the evidence, even then, that it is only a small percentage and number of consumers that experience harm and the vast majority that experience benefits (thus concluding that the vast majority of users would also benefit).

In addition to the points made in "The Challenge", there would be a huge saving in policing costs, a  saving on NHS costs as so many people claim that cannabis enables them to stop using many expensive prescription medicines, an increase in general revenue through taxation on profits, consumer protection and removing control of supply away from criminal gangs and multi-drug dealers.

I sincerely believe that IF the Labour Party were to discuss the legalisation of cannabis at the next conference and include it in the next election manifesto, Labour would win that election - you would certainly gain my vote and those of many people that I know- we find it difficult or impossible tovote for Labour as a party that supports the prohibition of cannabis.

LINKED from this page is "The Challenge" document along with pages of letters to and from the Home Office.

I do hope that you can find the time to read it and reply.

Alun Buffry, Norwich North
Reply received - do you think they read beyond the first mention of cannabis?

Dear Alun,

Thank you for your email. I appreciate you took the time to get in touch with us regarding the medical use of marijuana.
Please be assured that your comments have been passed on.

The Labour Party will ensure that all NHS patients get fast access to the most effective new drugs and treatments.

We will also insist on value-for-money agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

Thank you for getting in touch

Best wishes,


Membership Services and Correspondence

The Labour Party

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