Saturday, 10 August 2019

Letter to Chloe Smith MP Norwich North - why do you not reply?

Dear Ms Smith,

I am disappointed that you never BOTHER to reply to my emails but then again maybe you don't want my vote.

When you were first elected, you told me that you did not think people should be punished for experimenting with drugs.

NOW I am asking you do you think it Just and Legal for authorities (police) to raid the PRIVATE LIVES and Homes of people who CHOOSE TO BELIEVE that cannabis consumption is beneficial in their lives and to their health, EVEN THOUGH they pose no risk to public health or the Rights of others?

Or do you think that of all the things people can chose to do in private but are not allowed to do in public, somehow growing a few plants is a risk to others?

Or do you think that Human Rights should be ignored or abolished?

Do you believe that you hold a seat in Parliament to represent your constituency, your Party or simply to improve your career and income?

I ask on behalf of many thousands of your constiuents that choose to use cannabis in private but live in fear of arrest, prosecution, loss of career and possibly freedom.

Alun Buffry

COPY SENT to Evening News, Norwich


  1. Reply email received August 31st, to "Alan" from "Andrew" (no surname supplied)

    Dear Alan,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to Chloe concerning drug reform and medical cannabis more generally.

    As you may be aware, Chloe is currently on maternity leave and therefore unable to respond personally, that said, she is being kept informed of the views of her constituents on important matters to them.

    I am aware of your keen interest and previous correspondence on this matter. I can confirm that I have written to the Home Secretary to get their comments on the points you have raised regarding drug legalisation.

    I will, of course, be back in touch as soon as I have received a response which I will pass on for you to read.

    With sincere best wishes,


    1. quote "Her colleague Elizabeth Truss MP will also be able to raise specific urgent matters in Westminster, while Ms Smith said she intends to use proxy voting to ask colleagues to vote on her behalf on “the most important votes”.