Monday, 30 March 2020

That is what I think anyway.

i remember back in the early 1980's, I went to Athens and also to India and a lot of people were saying there was going to be a world war.

It's because many governments and the people behind them that make all the money want us to live in fear so they can control us. War is indeed profitable for those that sell arms but now they make their money out of small wars and phramaceutical drugs - this virus will make a few people even richer than they are already. But on a personal level we must each realise that what is important in our lives is finding peace and contentment inside ourselves.

Money may make life more comfortable and we are led to believe that it will make us happier, but just look at those that have it, they are not content and always want more, always afraid of losing what they have - and one day death will tear them away from everything and on that day they will know, life was not about that.

I say to people, seek happiness inside yourself, the only place we feel it and the only place to find it, not in this world. Then, whatever happens, you will succeed in your life.

That is what I think anyway.

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