Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Cannabis: laws, human rights, medicinal uses and malfeasance


1) There is strong scientific evidence that almost all pharmaceutically prescribed drugs, over-the-counter medications, alcohol, tobacco and sugar can harm people’s mental and physical health, yet they are all legally available.

2) The very same plant is grown and exported for medicinal use by British Sugar Cooporation and used to produce extracts by GW Pharmaceuticals.
3) The very same plant is sold to adults through private clubs and collective grows in Spain, Coffeeshops in The Netherlands, shops and dispensaries in many States of the US, shops such as in Canada and Uruguay and available through doctors in dozens of coutries worldwide. 
4) There is no stron evidence to suggest that cannabis is harmful to the physical or mental health of the vast majority of consumers (millions of them in the UK) or harmful to communities.
5) Preventing a person from access to a beneficial substance and / or punishing them because of the supposed risk to a minority of other people is contrary to common sense and common law and Justice.
6) Interference in the chosen practice of ones belief and invasion of a person's private life without evidence that an activity poses a risk to PUBLIC health, public order or morals, national security or the Rights of others, is contrary to the Human Rights laws.
7) Any person in authority that is guilty on an offence under any statute or law, irespective of whether they are "following orders" or not, is guilty of a crime by malfeasance.


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