Friday, 25 September 2020

Covid19, is it real?

Of course it's real but what the government is telling us is not ALL true.

The death figures depend upon how they are counted.

Recently, the numbers reported by the UK Government are the numbers of people that ave died "within 28 days of testing positive for Covid19".  They don't say that the people died from the virus.

Most people die with food in their stomachs but that does not mean that the food kiiled them. 

My friend's granny had a heart attack, she was taken to hospital and tested negative, they kept her in for a week or so, tested her again and that wa snegative; they sent her home, three days later her carers found her dead; on the death certificate it said covid19. 

Another friends mum is in a a care home; they tested all the residents and staff; all negative; in the next few weeks three died, they said of covid19; they were all over 80; they forced them into isolation. A couple more died since then but now they say of pneumonia. It's been a hot summer, that often kills more people. 

Worry and stress is a massive cause of illness and death

In the UK male suicide rate has certainly increased

 Stats are not reliable.

I think if people take precautions out of sense it is far better than living in fear. Fear is a weapon for tyrants and churches.

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