Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Couple were growing cannabis at home - as is within their RIGHT in their Private Life

The Human Rights law that acknowledges a person's Right to a Private Life is quite specific about when the authorities can interfere - when there is a risk to public health, public order, national security or the Rights of others ... and based on this article there seems to have been no risk at all.

Couple were growing cannabis at home
Daily Echo, January 18 2012

POLICE found 63 cannabis plants and some cannabis in a bedroom when raiding a New Forest house, Southampton Crown Court heard.
George Rickman admitted growing the crop – which the court heard was too young for a yield estimate. Josephine Warburton admitted possession but police studying images on a seized camera recognised her watering the plants by a tattoo on her back, said prosecutor Charles Cochand. The couple, both 45, of Setthorns Road, Sway, pleaded guilty to producing and possessing drugs. He received a 50-week suspended sentence with six-month curfew and supervision. She was given a 25-week suspended sentence with six months supervision and order for 150 hours unpaid work.

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