Friday, 20 January 2012

Students face death penalty for cannabis - it's law but where is the Justice?

I am shocked that your Courts are still sentencing people to death for cannabis offences.

I know there will be cries of "the law is the law" but there is also the question of Justice.  Justice and Rights must be above law simply to protect us from unjust law.

In cases such as the death penalty for cannabis, the law must be changed to stop it.  This is after all, the 21st Century.

"Abu Bakar Gidato Umar, 23, and Eze John, 20, allegedly had 94 clear plastic packets containing the cannabis. "

That amount is less than that held by tolerated Dutch Coffeeshops or Californian Health clinics

Presumably it is alleged that they were planning to sell it.  The point is, however, had they actually sold it, who would have been harmed, who would have been killed.  probably nobody.

Cannabis is well know throughout the world as more of a beneficial plant than a deadly drug and whether or not Government or people want it, the death sentence is completely disproportionate to the crime and lacking in any form of Justice.

Had the accused actually shot somebody, the punishment could hardly be worse.

I appeal to you now, to change the sentencing guidelines and give your country a better image worldwide.

Alun Buffry address, email and phone number provided

sent to: Star, Malaysia, January 20 2012

Students face death penalty

PETALING JAYA: Two Nigerian students were charged at the magistrate’s court here with possession of 714gm of cannabis.
Abu Bakar Gidato Umar, 23, and Eze John, 20, allegedly had 94 clear plastic packets containing the cannabis with them in a car at Persiaran Surian Damansara at 9.15pm on Dec 5 last year. No plea was recorded.
The offence under Section 39(B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.
Abu Bakar’s lawyer Shahul Hameed Abdul Wahab requested for copies of the chemist’s report and charge sheet but DPP Siti Ruvinna Mohd Rawi said the report was not ready.
Magistrate Ahmad Solihin Abd Wahid set March 8 for mention of the case.

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