Monday, 16 January 2012

Three jailed after Hull's biggest cannabis haul found in raid - but why?

The only way that this will ever be stopped is when the Government wake up and do the logical and just thing - legalise the production and sale of cannabis and allow people to grow their own for their own use without interference.

Just imagine licensed commercial producers and sales outlets for adults:

For a start it would save BILLIONS of pounds each year on police, court and prison costs - money straight out of the taxpayers' purses that could be put to much better use.

Adults could go to consumer-protected, quality controlled, profit-taxed, sales outlets where there would be no contact with criminal drug dealers, no chance of being offered hard drugs, no link with prostitution and stolen property, no gang violence - all safe and sound and above board - similar to the Dutch system of tolerated coffeeshops but in this case fully licensed.

And people growing their own at home for own use just like they can choose to brew their own beer or make their own wine - without interference or threat from the authorities.

It would solve so many problems for society and so many people.
it would enable police to focus more resources on fighting real crime - that is crime with victims>

It's quite obvious that there is an almost endless line of people willing to set up illegal cannabis farms for retail and massive profits - lots of people ready to replace dealers - yet there is more cannabis on the streets than ever - much of it contaminated or or just plain dirty since many illegal producers focus only on profit and little on hygiene, purity or quality.

Of course there is also the issue of "medicinal cannabis users" - often resorting to the plant to help deal with or cope with dreadful ailments and conditions such as MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, cancer therapy, epilepsy, pain, having tried to many costly pills dished out by the NHS.

It is a medical fact that cannabis eases those problems for many people and all the Government offers nothing but "Sativex", a whole-plant (cannabis) product - simply cannabis dissolve din alcohol added peppermint flavour and in a spray form - so expensive that many NHS regions won't even allow it to be prescribed - it costs many many times more than the cost of the cannabis in it.

Or they can risk prison by growing their own, if indeed they are able - or risk by buying from illegal dealers and growers like these Vietnamese.

Three jailed after Hull's biggest cannabis haul found in raid
Hull Daily Mail, January 16 2012

THREE Vietnamese men caught growing Hull's biggest-ever cannabis haul discovered at a council-owned building have been jailed.
Toan Vo, 34, Vuong Vu, 30, and Dat Truong, 22, were jailed for two-and-a-half years each after been arrested at a Hull City Council-owned industrial unit in the city centre.
The three illegal immigrants were caught cultivating more than 2,700 cannabis plants worth more than £2 million at the factory in Northumberland Avenue.
Sentencing the men at Hull Crown Court, Judge Michael Mettyear said it was the largest haul he had ever had to deal with.
He said: "This was a very large-scale operation, much larger than the smaller operations that we are used to in this area. The premises were converted in an extremely sophisticated way to facilitate the growing of the cannabis.
"When the police raided the premises, they found 2,769 plants, which it was estimated would produce 110kg of cannabis."
The building, situated in an industrial area of the city off Fountain Road, was raided at around 12.30pm on Wednesday, December 14.
Officers took action after workers at nearby businesses reported a "strong smell" of cannabis.
They discovered the haul of cannabis, which dwarfed the 1,691-plant operation found in a four-storey house in Spring Bank earlier in 2011.
A team of several police officers took almost ten hours to clear the factory of the plants together with more than 320 lighting units, 283 transformers, 14 filters, 17 extractor fans and eight propagators.
The haul of plants is believed to be one of the biggest in England and was spread across ten rooms, adapted for the cultivation of the drug.
Each room had a sign on the door with the details of exactly what was inside.
When the officers raided the building, two of the men tried fleeing out the back door, while the other hid in the loft.
An investigation by Hull City Council is still being conducted after the warehouse was turned into one of the country's biggest cannabis factories.
The Mail understands the building had been listed for sale by NPS – a firm that controls the city council's commercial property stock – after the Hull Skills Academy vacated it last autumn.
Hull Crown Court heard how the men had been promised £1,000 a month to look after the factory, but had never received any money.
Judge Mettyear considered handing out longer custodial sentences but heard the three men would be deported back to Vietnam after serving half their sentences.

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