Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Appreciate your time and thank the workers

Seems that quite a few people that spent a lot of time indoors watching TV, on-line or playing video games are upset because they are restricted from leaving their homes and a lot of people that used to spend a lot of time outside of their homes are feeling much the same way.

Many workers used to look forward to the weekend but now they don't. Many that wished their holidays from work were longer now regret that wish. Meanwhile it seems that there is less pollution, clearer skies and nature is recovering fast, but we cannot all enjoy it.

I feel lucky I have a small garden and find my own company acceptable.

This is surely a time for us to focus on who we are and what we really want and need out of life, what is really important to us and what is not. In that sense these times are very valuable, And we must not forget those workers that keep the whole thing out there running, often putting their own health and even their lives at risk, for us. We can never thank them enough, IMO.
For sure the doctors, nurses, care workers and other health workers and admin, those in the laboratories, those that teach, those that empty our bins, those that work on shops and supermarkets, truck drivers, delivery people, pharmacists, those that keep our services running, in the power industry, internet and phone providers, train, bus and taxi drivers, post office workers and postmen, bank employees, electricians, builders and maintenance workers, those that keep our water supply and sewage systems working, farmers and agricultural works and warehouse workers, those that keep our roads clean, police, ambulance and firemen and those that don't spring to mind because we don't see them. Those that delivery the babies and those that deal with the dead. Those that print out newspapers and make our TV and radio shows. Those that make the essential equipment that enables everybody else to function and do their jobs ... thanking them all should be a priority - I have little to that our politicains for, what a sad bunch most of them are, that is my one negative.

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