Thursday, 9 April 2020

UK Government bringing Brits home from abroad, no testing, no isloation, released to public transport all throughout the country

Foreign Secretary's statement on coronavirus COVID-19, 6 April 2020

""On commercial flights we’ve helped over 200,000 UK nationals come home from Spain, 13,000 from Egypt, 8,000 from Indonesia.

We’ve also chartered flights from 7 different countries, bringing home more than 2,000 British nationals.

"We’ve repatriated a further 1,550 from cruise ships, including most recently the Coral Princess and the Zaandam.

""And for those travellers still stuck abroad, we’re doing everything we can to keep international airports open, to keep commercial flights running, and to charter flights, when there are no other options – under the new arrangements I announced last week, and which have now been agreed with 14 airlines.

We’ve allocated £75 million to support those arrangements. We’ve already had flights back from countries including Peru, Ghana, and Tunisia.

"And we’re fixing further flights from India, South Africa, Nepal and the Philippines, which will fly later on this week.

"So, I want to reassure people that every arm of government is doing everything it possibly can to defeat coronavirus and rise to the challenges it presents us at home and abroad."

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  1. Yup exactly what a friend who has just managed to return from Australia via Doha said ��