Sunday, 13 February 2011

To James Brokenshire et al at the UK Home Office:: Feb 10 2011

When India signed to agree to the prohibition of cannabis they exempted the Sadhu's and Jains that used cannabis as part of their culture and religion. The chewing of coca leaf is also part of the culture in several South American countries, and part of their religious practices. To ban that practice is contrary to Human Rights - an issue that the UK Government seem to prefer to ignore.

Also coca leaf chewing in Bolivia has nothing whatsoever to do with cocaine imported into and used in the UK.

Brokenshire et al, you are TOYING with people's beliefs and religious practices that have nothing whatsoever to do with you - to suggest that what happens in Bolivia will bring any change to either attitudes or law in the UK is a very poor excuse for your form of tyranny

We don't need you nanny's to tell us what we can and cannot ingest into our bodies and unless a person is doing harm they should be protected by law, not punished by it.


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