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We need to debate use of cannabis - Bristol Post - Comment

It's been debated long enough and it's the politicians that refuse to seriously consider changing the law. 

The law MUST be changed in the interests of public health, Justice, Human Rights and the environment.  

The present law that punishes people that have done no harm and posed no threat, for the possession or cultivation of plants in their own homes for their own use - it is expensive, an utter failure at protecting people, and completely unworkable in a society where over 10% have admitted using cannabis.   

These times of prohibition will be looked at in the future i the same way we now look a alcohol prohibition in the US.  

In short, evil.
Bristol Post: Dec 4 2013:

Editor's comment: We need to debate use of cannabis

IT is no accident that the number of cannabis factories is on the increase. Whilst they may be illegal they are certainly lucrative. And without question they are meeting a demand.

It could be argued that the proliferation of these factories is evidence for saying the law needs to change to make the use of cannabis acceptable.

Then there is the use of cannabis to treat medical conditions.

Should we follow the United States where it is regularly prescribed?

And should we deny people with arthritis and other painful conditions the relief cannabis can deliver?
But equally we should not forget that these factories are part of a much bigger picture involving drug dealing and violent crime. It is surely no coincidence that knives were found at one of these farms.
And there is a further issue here. That is if we accept the common use of cannabis then we run the risk of more people moving on to harder drugs and everything that implies.

It is time again to have a serious debate about all these issues.

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