Saturday, 30 November 2019

Inside My Hat and Other Heads, Artists and Writers ISBN 9781916310704


Have you ever considered reading poetry and then thought what have poems to do with the real world?Inside the covers of this book are real life poems from real life poets.So what is a poet? Just a human, that isn’t only being but also saying and doing.OK, so what is a poem? Just words telling a story in a short rhyming or otherwise burst,words and images from inside our heads.Hope springs eternal and visions will spring from the pages herein.

by Mr Alun Buffry (Author), Ms Ariadne Snail (Author), Ms Melissa Doordaughter (Author), Mr Rocky van de Benderskum (Author), Ms Sarah Davis (Author), Ms Sarah Sativa (Author), Mr Winston Matthews (Author), Mr Phil Monk (Author), Mr Steve Cook (Author), Ms Jacqui Malkin (Illustrator)