Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My message to Paul Flynn MP after his call for cannabis in parliament protests

I would like to thank you for calling for people to come to Parliament and smoke cannabis, but there are a couple of points that I would like to raise. 
Firstly: will you be joining the protest, not by consuming cannabis (the law is not about consumption per se), but by OPENLY possessing cannabis in an amount that a consumer may have such as 7 to 10 grams, maybe some hash and some oil? 
 Are you aware of the value of cannabis as a preventative measure? 
Are you planning some sort of fund to pay fines and compensation to protesters that get arrested or have their cannabis confiscated? 
What about repeat offenders, those that ay defy a court order banning them from Parliament? 
If poeple are locked up, what support will you be able to give?
The law, which does not distinguish between consumers (medical, religious or others), should be fought without such distinctions so that law applies equally to all adults subect to "no victim or threat) and consistent with Human Rights law. It must not become a medicinal cannabis usesr event only.

Paul Flynn MP wants people to smoke cannabis in Parliament

What Mr Flynn has failed to recognise is that cannabis "disobedience" events such as Smokey Bears Picnics have been happening in the UK since the 1960's and achieved nothing.

Also if people are arrested and fined is he going to help pay the fines? I ask as he is in law inciting the action.

And how often should people protest in that way - to make it effective people may have to defy bans and risk prison.

YET I do congratulate Paul Flynn for his efforts.

I hope that one day Human Rights and equal law for all will come in to the capaign - Right to a Private Life (which includes growing and possessing plants provided there is no risk or harm to others), Right to one's own chosen BELIEF and PRACTICE (alone or with others) of those beliefs - as demanded in Human Rights law.

Although more people may have more sympathy for those that are ill and use cannabis to their benefit than those that are not maybe so ill, the fact is that the law fails to distinguish as it should not distinguish between WHY people use (although judges may be more lenient with the ill or injured) - it should distinguish purely on the issue of what harm done to who?

Also cannabis is extremely valuable as A PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE and in that sense all use is therapeutic.


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