Thursday, 22 July 2021

A Convenient Truth by Alun Buffry

To those that have yet to find peace and fulfilment in their lives - in essence we are all the same, that peace is within us all.

When we have felt love, peace, joy and fulfilment, we have felt it within ourselves, not outside by whatever seems to have enabled it to be experienced.

When we have not felt it, maybe because external circumstances are not the way we want them to be, it is still within us - sometimes it takes just a sigh to feel it again, sometime we cannot. Maybe we are not then able to look in the right place. Maybe, like most things in life, we need help and guidance.

So who will show us, where should we look and how - and maybe important to some, how much will it cost, how much effort will it take, how much will be have to sacrifice? and will it actually work for me?

It seems maybe too good to believe, that peace is possible; we have our doubts. so much in this world has promised so much but has already let us down.

So when somebody comes along and says, listen, I can show you, we are so reluctant.

Even though we believe so much advertising, so many empty promises and even though if somebody we know and trust says "taste this", "smoke that", go there, listen to that, read that, watch that film, we so readily take their advice.

Religions don't always work - they often cause people to live in fear or under strict rules: much of science too, is a religion, maybe not with so much fear or so many rules, but requiring beliefs and, a shame, that so often those beliefs do not give us the peace and fulfilment we want.

Think abut it, why do we do what we do, go where we go, follow instructions and ambitions - where are we hoping to go, what are we looking for? Peace? Joy? Love? Freedom? Satisfaction? Knowledge? just how far will we go, just how long a journey would we make, just how much would we do, or even pay, for those things, those feelings and experiences.

So if somebody says, listen, I tell you in truth - this is the way to go - and it costs nothing but a little effort and patience - to be shown how to achieve all that, to find what we want, what everybody wants, that is already within just waiting to be experienced again - who will listen?

Who REALLY wants to KNOW?

Monday, 5 July 2021

Hermes courier services

 you make it almost impossible to contact you as both on-line ai chat and phone number ask for tracking number from confirmation email which then says not recognised - you were supposed to pick up our parcel 4 days ago, no show, no card, nothing, and we have paid - so please sort out your customer services IF you want customers

OTP - one time passcode on on-line banking

 how about giving us a little more time with that OTP security measure on on-line banking? By the time i get the text, open it and scroll to code, I have less than 10 seconds to type in the random code, usually run out of time and have to do it again; sometimes 2 or 3 times - give us please at least a minute from sending text, some of us oldies are slowing down.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Free Pencils at Polling Stations

 millions of pencils have been bought so that each voter can use one and place it in a box at the end - I wonder what will happen to them? Maybe they can be cleaned or left to stand for a couple of months and donated to schools in countries such as Egypt; i know they need them as the children find that their ballpoint pens quickly dry up.


Monday, 3 May 2021

PIGS, The Enemies of Legalisation


P is for paranoia and fear of persecution. This prevents cannabis users and non-users with a huge barrier to overcome before they can publicly speak out against prohibition. Users fear raids from the police and arrest, loss of employment and even imprisonment. Many professional people such as Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Probation Officers, Social Workers etc, although privately supporting legalisation or some lesser from of change in law, are afraid of persecution from people in power and the press. MP's of all parties can be silenced and pressurised to change their statements, by the Party Whips. Many Doctors quietly advise patients that cannabis is of possible benefit to them but will not make a public statement on the issue. If you are one of those professionals please speak out and help call an end to the suffering caused to hundreds of thousands of citizens of the UK, every year, under the inefficient and expensive attempts at suppressing freedom of choice, in general, cannabis in particular. If you are a user, fear not, for to express an opinion on the law is not an offense and does not indicate that you are a user. Many non-users advocate legalisation too.
I is for indifference and for ignorance. Many non-users and people who are alienated from society through illness, poverty or riches and power, remain unconcerned or unaware of the disastrous social and environmental effects of prohibition. These people need to be awoken. Many of them are on drugs - heroin addicts, alcoholics, Valium addicts, at all rungs of the social ladder; they just don't care. But others do care, they just either don't know or don't know what they can do. It is up to activists to educate and guide these people to the postbox and the ballot boxes. Then, when they do care, we need to reassure them to avoid them slipping into the description of P.
G is for greed. These are the highly profit-motivated suppliers of illegal cannabis, often of dubious quality, and those directors (and their minions) of the multinational corporations that profit by billions from their environmentally damaging synthetic and dangerous alternatives. These include petroleum companies who risk losses if hemp seed oil becomes widely available; pharmaceutical companies who would lose out if people take less of their synthetic drugs and more home grown cannabis; plastics and synthetic materials companies whose products could be replaced locally from locally grown cannabis; nuclear fuel and fossil fuel companies whose products could also be replaced by locally grown cannabis, far more efficiently and cheaply than for all modern fuels; timber companies who fear that cannabis would replace wood as a material for furnishing as well as paper and packing materials; breweries and tobacco companies who fear that the use of home grown cannabis would decrease the sales of their highly dangerous legal drugs; national and international criminal and terrorist organisations who profit from illegal cannabis, possibly even the secret services of certain countries (not yours, of course); police, solicitors, barristers, judges and prison staff, with all the associated industry at colossal public expense, who may be out of a job is 250,000 less people are searched and 100,000 less prosecuted, annually.
S is for squabblers and for separation.. Those people who continually insist upon arguing over matters of minor or academic differences which distract from the general cause of delay action towards the consensus aim of legalisation. Such arguments are divisive and unproductive, often originating from personal grievances. Some times such arguments are introduced by insincere campaigners, even infiltrators from corners supporting prohibition, whose aim is to suppress by division and mistrust. Other times the arguments may be prolonged by sincere people. When the squabble, due to personal grievances, interferes with actions of the general movement for legalisation, or any particular event or group, then the squabblers become enemies of the movement.
Don't be any part of PIGS. Wake up, learn, act, cooperate, become involved in this movement which is all about freedom of choice, lifestyle and religion. It is about the very rights granted by the United Nations Charters. Prohibition of cannabis is a prolonged attempt at mis-education and tyrannical control, and must be resisted by the masses.

Sunday, 11 April 2021


 The problem is and always has been that the law is run by people paid to perpetuate the system, good or bad, there are many businesses from the legal profession through the pharmaceutical industry and synthetics and fuel producers to illegal suppliers that have and wish to continue to make huge profits. Just look at how long it took Phil to find just ONE solicitor that would even take on the case, just look at how solicitors want their clients to plead guilty, how so few barristers would risk arguing with a judge, how judges misdirect the jury, how they want to side-step any challenge to the law itself and want to avoid consideration of Human Rights, how Tories and Labour parties consistently ignore evidence an spout the same nonsense, how the Church refuses to help us .... for sure under a tyrannical government backed by profiteers and ruling population most of whom are afraid the "rock the boat", OUR OPPONENT IS MASSIVE, well financed and backed by armed forces.

But none of that is new, it's been like that for decades -and even when people stood us as candidates in elections, most consumers did not vote for them; every campaign has been underfunded - there has been more raise din FINES than for all the campaign groups put together, ... then there's Cancard, the success of which (at least in marketting the cards) is due to fear of arrest and weak promises of get-out-of-jail-free.
So, for me, it is a constant ISSUE - do I bother carrying on campaigning when quite clearly most consumers don't give a damn unless it's to ease their own suffering, or avoid their own arrest?
That's why so many campaigners have dropped out - basically due to lack of support from what some (wrongly in my opinion) call the cannacommunity or cannafamily (surely not family of millions that won't help).
Nobody said our route was going to be easy - I said years ago at a conference that it was like a few people pushing a truck up a hill whilst others sat on the wall clapping instead of helping, each with their own reason for not actually helping, and then the people pushing stopped, the truck rolled back down the hill and people came and built obstacle on the road so if people started pushing again it would be even harder.
Then of course there are the go's running the campaign groups that all say "we want the same" but won't actually help or prefer to argue over tactics!
One would think with 4 millions consumers raising even half a million should be possible. With 250,000 people having signed a petition that JUST £2 each; with BILLIONS spent on cannabis every year ....
So we must each make our decision on what we do, do we help or not, or just leave it up to others?
For me it's a burn - I see INJUSTICE and I want to stop it and that is WHAT DRIVES ME - my inspiration comes from within me, nobody else although it does help and inspires me to see others TRYING.

Monday, 29 March 2021






Right to respect for private and family life

1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.


Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.

2. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

UNLESS it can be shown that the possession or cultivation of cannabis for own use or the consumption and / or sharing of cannabis alone or with others, poses a risk to “public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others”, then any interference by any authority with the Rights under Article 8 and 9 IS CONTRARY TO Human Rights Act 1998, and CONSTITUTES AN OFFENCE IN LAW.


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Campaign to stop people growing their own cannabis at home

 I was thinking of starting a campaign to arrest all the people in the UK that defy the law and grow their own cannabis or possess and consume cannabis even in their own homes ....

 ... then I thought, oh yeah, there's been a campaign like that going on since at least the 1960's
and what's more it has had BILLIONS of pounds made available by all the Governments since then, thousands of police available at their call, supported by BOTH the two large UK political parties, members and leaders of churches and the media ...
and yet they have FAILED miserably - not only that but they have opened up an illicit market for far more risky substances and driven people to addictive, dangerous and often weakly effective pharmaceutical prescription pills
plus there are more people growing and consuming cannabis than ever before, even smoking it in the parks and on the streets PLUS they have opened the gateway for large criminal organisations that sell at high prices and often bad quality and contaminated cannabis
an estimated 300,000 people growing and several million regular consumers, with just about 135,000 police in England and Wales ....
What a costly, ineffective and badly run campaign that has been!
And people say the campaign to legalise cannabis has gotten nowhere.
Thing is we, every one of us in some way, has paid for that prohibition enforcement campaign and few of us have contributed to the anti-prohibition campaign. Just imagine if the legalisation campaigns had even a tiny fraction of what we have paid in taxes to enforce a law against ourselves.


Thursday, 18 March 2021

In Memory of Don Barnard RIP

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021: protest powers factsheet

Referring to The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 and control over protests

Phil Monk of We The Undersigned, wrote on his Facebook page:

"I wish I knew how to stop the Bill !

"Heading Into a new level of legislation of control that has just changed our campaigning landscape completely
"A whole load of new laws and rights (what remain) need to become familiar with to not fall foul of them
"Some truly sinister recent legislation that Britain is becoming a Corporatocratic policed State
"My Gut tells me we need to start uniting into a new political part or to engage with and help grow a different suitable party
"But the entire system is rotten to the core...meaning all this could inevitably result in a dystopian empoverished British nation with hardships leading to violent uprising and insurrection of a super wealthy and power abusing elite
"This could all be a great novel if not such a,disturbing reality
"It seems there has been a lot of controlled opposition to rob the People of their rights in the guise of protecting public health.
"I suppose we could arrange carnivals instead or silent protests?"

My reply:

"There is nothing new in this; it has been planned for decades and somewhat an inevitable attempt by the Governments, not only ours, to keep control in a world where population is growing so fast with such damage by industry to individuals and inevitable protests over the environmental and economic collapses that capitalism leads to - hence the drive by people such as Elon Musk to get us off the planet and whilst we are still here, trace our every move and word and limit our freedom and control our money, education, communication, transport and even entertainment - "they" already control the news and rug elections.
"Fact is freedom is mostly an inner experience - I reckon I was one of the most free men in prison because I refused to see it as them locking me up - I used to bang my own cell door closed before they had the chance; and lockdown which to me has never been lockdown just restrictions has not been a problem, because I am not a number, I am a free man, even when locked up.
"That does not mean that I approve of what the tyrants are doing or will not resist, it means I will not let them grind me down."


Monday, 8 March 2021

A message of peace, love, joy, contentment and understanding


Seems to me that so many people live their lives in fear - that is why insurance business booms. People are scared to not take a vaccine and others are scared to take it. People that know cannabis will help ease their suffering are scared to try it. People buy make up and deodorants because they are scared they may look ugly or smell natural (try washing!). People are scared of groups of youths on the streets, or foreigners, scared of not conforming. And government and advertising agencies perpetuated that.

Why do we live our lives in fear. Christianity tells us God is within, as does Islam, Hinduism, Jains and Jews; Buddhists tell us the whole universe is within. Why then do people feel weak and vulnerable.We know life ends, inevitably, for all of us

We know that this world will never give us the love and peace and freedom that we all want. Even the most rich and famous and powerful, healthy and strong, never get what they want from this world.

Most of us have felt love and peace and contentment and it is so obvious that we felt it inside ourselves, not outside. Maybe outer circumstances enabled us to experience those inner feelings for a while and doing more and more of the same thing or relying on outer circumstances does not work.

So why does it take us so long to WAKE up and realise that the smell of the coffee, or whatever,maybe outside but after a while it wears off and all along it was the APPRECIATION that was vital.

When will we learn that those inner experiences exist all the time, every second, if we can only tune into them without having to change the outer world. That we can feel love and peace EVEN when there is no love or peace outside. That we can feel joy and contentment even when not everything outside is perfect.

So the only question is really - HOW? Who has that key and how can we get it.

There may be lots of ways, maybe lots of people that can show us how, give us a gift we already have.

I know of only one in my lifetime and what he showed to me is still of such tremendous value to me which is why I want to help others to find it, within themselves. His name is Prem Rawat

Monday, 1 March 2021

Mirhleft 1976


Mirhleft, Moroccan Atlantic coast fishing village pretty much as it looked when I was there is 1976. We used to get our smoke and fresh fish daily from 'Mohammed Le Pecheur' as he walked up teh street with his daily catch, and slow cook it with some few onions and vegetable in a traditional charcoal tagine pot- a spoon of oil, a spoon of water, a pinch or salt and pepper and leave it cook for hours. I was always wonderful to eat. We stayed there 2 weeks then went to Agadir, which we hated. So we went back to Mirhleft for another 4 weeks.
Mirhleft is a village grand
Made of pink rock and yellow sand.
It's good to laze besides the sea,
And sit and watch, just you and me,
The sunset or the street outside,
Where nothing changes with the tide.
Mirhleft, village by the sea,
A place to stay if you'd be free.
A place to sit and rest a while,
Watch the donkeys single file,
Walking up and down the street-
Burdened in this sticky heat.
And I wonder why those men,
Walk up the street and back again;
Maybe it's to look at me,
Watching them whilst drinking tea?
Sitting outside in the sun,
Wondering what they do for fun.
Then I dream that we ride our bikes,
Or catch a bus or go hitch-hike,
Up the valleys, over mountains,
Rivers deep and magic fountains,
Fields of kif and grass and hash,
Where together we can rest, smashed!
But I return to hotel room,
Where all the morn and afternoon,
We can lay and smoke and play,
But in this place one has to pay:
Five Dirhams a gram:
"C'est n'est pas cher, man!"#


Saturday, 20 February 2021

To Vax or Not to Vax, That is the Question


From what I understand, the vaccinations do not stop infection or transference to others, but the claim is that the vaccination will reduce the illness after infection. So even after a jab we should still take the precautions of masks, social distancing and washing hands (which we should do anyway).
So the choice is to risk whatever possible effects that the vaccination may itself cause or risk a more serious infection if and when we get covid.
A personal choice that does not effect others unless they are or become carers or health staff that need to look after the sick.
So I don't see the problem.  One side is trying to scare us into being vaccinated and the other side trying to scare us into not taking it.
The problem I have is that the anti-vaxers seem to run into conspiracy theory such as it contains nanochips and bytes to track and control us or make us more compatible with AI in the future, which is strange then that the elderly and sick would be targetted first and considering we are all tracked and traced ans spied on through the internet, phone lines, cameras and so on, anyway and whilst all that already exists they want us to stay indoors and not travel more than 5 miles or visit other people.
the way I see it, like all businesses, the vaccination producers want to sell their wares, and all the anti-vaxers seem to base their lives on the idea that some sort or illuninatuis elon musk bill gates conglomerate want to control 7 billion people, most of whom are poverty stricken and powerless.
I read people saying the vaccine will make us ill or kill us off yet most of my friends that have had it have suffered no worse than a sore arm or a mild overnight headache, so then I read ah yes but we will all suffer after the second dose or sometime in the future. then I read that somebody had the vaccine and died - 100 people out of the millions that have had the jab. Yet last year in the UK 1000 people died due to aspirin, many more due to tobacco or alcohol, all of which carry warnings and are sold in supermarkets and local shops.
It's a personal choice, to some degree determined by who we trust, but it is us that must make that choice. The idea that we cannot travel without a vaccination is untrue since the vaccination does not stop infection or transmission, so a covid test is more important - and many people will not be able to have the vaccine due to complications with health, other medication or allergies.
I think tee answers will NOT come through social media or TV news, so why bother reading and watching it.
WE KNOW that our Government tells porkies, so why believe them? But neither does that mean that everything they say is a lie.


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Legalise and Utilise, Commemorative Edition 2021

A commemorative edition of Cannabis: Legalise and Utilise, first published 2000 with extra content: such as correspondence between the LCA and Government.

In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the first time a cannabis-focused political party put candidates in a UK general election - the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA)

This edition reproduces the LCA Manifesto, "Legalise and Utilise" which I first put together in 1999; also copies of many of the candidates' election fliers, local and Parliamentary, photos pf activists, candidates and gatherings along withe the document put together by the late Don Barnard and myself - Cannabis: Challenging the Criminal Justice System, commonly known as "The Challenge" and correspondence between LCA and Government. and more.

Personally I think it was a historical time that brought cannabis into both the public awareness and the Political arena.

We gave out almost a million fliers, did a Party Broadcast on the TV in Wales in 2005 numerous press interviews and articles, spoke the Oxford Union, colleges and even schools.The term “legalise cannabis” means to legalise the possession, cultivation and supply of cannabis.Sadly we have lost many since then, so let this also be a tribute to them: Michael Fell, Mick Pryce, Dave Woofer Barker, Levi McCarthy, Patman, Denning,,Lezley von Goetz, Eddie Ellison, Paul Fowler, Dottie Baldwin, Jackie Barnard,John Crome, Biz Ivol, Derrick Large, Colin Paisley, Ivor Garfield, Grannie Pat Tabram,Stewart Talbot, Mark Palmer, Tom Hanson, Chris Baldwin, John Cripps, Joep Oomen, Phil Stovell, Don Barnard, Frank Kirk, Howard Marks, Ann Clarke,Howard Marks. All the commission will go towards ending the prohibition.


Sarnath 1985

Buddhist Stupa in Srnarth, India 1985
Sarnath is a place located 10 kilometres north-east of Varanasi near the confluence of the Ganges and the Varuna rivers in Uttar Pradesh, India. The Deer Park in Sarnath is where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma.
Stupas originated as pre-Buddhist tumuli, in which ascetics were buried in a seated position
The Dhamek Stupa is said to mark the spot (Rishipattana which can be translated as "where the Rishi arrived") where the Buddha gave the first sermon to his first five Brahmin disciples after attaining enlightenment, "revealing his Eightfold Path leading to nirvana.
In its current shape, the stupa is a solid cylinder of bricks and stone reaching a height of 43.6 meters and having a diameter of 28 meters. It is the most massive structure in Sarnath

Aliens in the UK - me too

... yes they have their customs, nothing to do with us. I am not exactly sure what your problem is, how people are in their own countries or how difficult people from other countries find it to adjust when they come here - surely you don't expect women to take off their burkas if they find it offensive. Or start eating pork sausages and burgers? Or change their religions? Or stop speaking their own languages? Or start going to pubs?

Of course I am not talking about the few terrorists that cause trouble here or in their own or other countries, or commit violent crimes, or underage marriages - we have enough nonses in the churches and parliament and on the streets already and they all deserve severe and equal punishments.

I just believe in showing a little compassion, tolerance and some understanding of the differences between people, not just colour or religion or origins. What I object to is slagging off many millions of Moslems because of a small number that cause problems any more than I believe in slagging off the Christians because of what has been done and is still being done within or in the name of their Churches,Synagogues etc, or blaming every Israel because of what Israel is doing in Palestine, or blaming every UK citizen for the people our country has killed or the football hooligans.
I have never asked you where you were born, what your religion is or how you choose to dress. I take you as I find you even though in the past with other people that has led me into trusted the wrong people;

I have friends of all religions and beliefs, that have very different lifestyles and backgrounds - if i don't like them or if they cause problems, i drop them, far quicker than i did when i was younger. I don't have time for bigots, thieves, liars, trouble-causers, haters, racists, nonses. i do have time for people who are lost in delusions and fears and for people that I feel genuinely need help.

So I don't really understand exactly which people and which customs you have problems with: it does not make sense that it can be all Islamic people because they are so different from each other, even fight each other, as do Christians, and between them they make up a huge percentage of the world. I would hate to think that you have a problem with Egyptians because of your experience in a very different country, with very different people, many of whom, rightly or wrongly, may have found you offensive because you did not face Mecca daily or had the odd drink.

Focusing on and fearing differences is much of the cause of the problems we face and is used by our government to divide and conquer.

I am an alien too.

Conspiract theory - the Truth about who is running things

....  it's actually aliens that have been living on the dark side of the moon and virus itself contains nanochip containing AI so it can infect other humans and in a few years they will use it to enslave the human race, and Musk is from the future and brought the recipes for vaccines to counteract the alien AI and save humanity, except both sides are just lizard pawns ultimately being controlled by Illuninati that live underground and have been running the world for thousands of years using frequencies far beyond 5G and as yet undetectable except by rock start musicians that knew the truth about man on the moon and were all assassinated by the Vatican , the message is in their music played backwards at high speed.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Rejected Petition: Remove cannabis and cannabis products from the Misuse of Drugs Act.

 Remove cannabis and cannabis products from the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Change policy to bring an immediate halt to the raiding of the private property and the arrest and prosecution of citizens for the possession, cultivation and supply of cannabis until and after cannabis is removed from the Misuse of Drugs Act.

More details

The application of the Misuse of Drugs Act against people for victimless cannabis activities is contrary to common justice and Human Rights Laws. There should be commercial outlets where adults can safely purchase, consume and socially share cannabis with consumer protection, hygiene, quality control and tax on profits. See more:


 9 February 2021
From HOC Petitions Committee

Dear Alun Buffry,

Sorry, we can’t accept your petition – “Remove cannabis and cannabis products from the Misuse of Drugs Act.”.

There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue.

You are more likely to get action on this issue if you sign and share a single petition.

Click this link to see your rejected petition:
View your rejected petition

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards:


 9 February 2021: Appeal

To: HOC Petitions Committee <>
Subject: Appeal against rejection of petition

I would like to appeal the rejection of my petition  “Remove cannabis and cannabis products from the Misuse of Drugs Act.”

which has been rejected on the grounds that there is a similar petition, namely "Legalise medical and recreational cannabis in the UK"

You have said "There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue."

First the petition to legalise cannabis is impossible to fulfil, as cannabis is a substance and cannot be legal or illegal: it is the human activities that are limited by statute.  My petition is about human rights and human activities, not drugs.

Secondly even legalisation of cannabis activities is not the same as the removal of cannabis from the Misuse of Drugs Act

Alun Buffry, petition author

9 February 20211
HOC Petitions Committee

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you for your email. I have logged this as an appeal.

We aim to consider all complaints about moderation decisions within 7 days, and will notify petitioners if it is likely to take significantly longer than this.

All complaints about moderation decisions will be considered by one or more team member not involved in the original moderation decision. These will normally be trained moderators who are part of the Petitions Committee team.

Once we have considered your complaint, we are unable to enter into further correspondence unless there is new information that wish to raise with us about the decision.  Any further consideration will be undertaken by the Clerk of the Committee and, when appropriate, with the Chair and Members of the Committee.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact with me.

Kind regards

Sabbir Ahmad
The Petitions Team
UK Government and Parliament
House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

10 February 2021
HOC Petitions Committee
Dear Alun

Thank you for your email.

This has been escalated to me as one of the officials who considers appeals, and I have looked at your petition, the moderation decision and your subsequent appeal about the decision of our moderators.

While I understand that you have couched your request in different terms to the petition we have open on this subject, we do not accept multiple petitions that in effect make the same request - in this case decriminalising/legalising the use of cannabis. I take your point that the wording of the open petition is to legalise medical and recreational cannabis, rather than associated activities, but we believe it is sufficiently clear from the text of the petition what it wants to achieve.

If there is a specific outcome that you want to achieve that is different to this, we could accept a petition requesting a different outcome, provided it was clear what that outcome was and that is was clearly distinct from decriminalising/legalising the use of cannabis. If you would like help to draft a new petition that is sufficiently different to the existing petition we could accept it we would be happy to do this, if you can let us know what outcome you would like to achieve.

Kind regards

Ed Faulkner
Second Clerk
Petitions Committee
10 February 2021

To HOC Petitions Committee

 Thank you Ed, for your comment and offer of help:
What I want the government to do is to immediately change the way the law is applied and stop the authorities from raiding people's private property when they suspect possession, cultivation and sharing of cannabis UNLESS they can show that there is a risk to public health or the Rights of others as demanded by Human Rights law criteria for interfering with a persons Right to a Private Life and Right to Choose and practice their own beliefs, alone or with others
although I see this as a first step I believe it is an essential change in policy, not law, to bring the application of the MODA in line with Human Rights and common justice.
Alun Buffry
10 February 2021
From HOC Petitions Committee

Good afternoon Alun

Thanks for getting back to me.

I completely understand your objections to current legislation – and its enforcement – and desire for these to change, but the outcome you have requested does seem to be the same as that which would be achieved by the existing petition we have on this issue. I would therefore encourage you to sign and promote this petition, as a single petition on an issue is more likely to secure the support necessary to become entitled to a Government response or debate.

 When this petition closes – on 28 March – we could accept a new petition on this issue, so you might like to start a new petition then.

 Best wishes


10 February 2021
To HOC Petitions Committee

I will certainly do all that, but I have to say that I disagree a - change in policy on how a law is applied is not the same as a change in law


Friday, 5 February 2021

Facebook or Wastebook?

 So Facebook is removing the NOTES section from pages at the end of this month, thereby deleting the work of millions of users - I am suggesting they change the name to Wastebook. Why is this necessary, they can hardly be short of space.


Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Cannabis and the Misuse of Drugs Act

The inclusion of cannabis in the Misuse of Drugs Act raises several questions:

First consider cannabis itself.

Cannabis itself is neither legal nor illegal. It is human activities that are prohibited, limited or licensed, not the substance itself. That is the possession, cultivation and supply, by certain people. Universities, pharmaceutical companies, research establishment and indeed some farmers are permitted under license to cultivate cannabis for specific reasons; police, forensic scientists, court officials and other authorities are permitted to possess in or pass it to others (supply) as part of their jobs.

Legislation was created by Parliament and can be changed by Parliament. Its application is a matter of policy and is often left to the discretion of the police which varies around the country. Prosecution is at the discretion of the Crown Prosecution Service and the Courts. The matter of “guilt”in the trial of supposed or alleged offender is a matter for magistrates, juries and judges

Cannabis is a natural plant, not a substance manufactured rf synthesized in a laboratory or even a kitchen, like most substances included in the Misuse of Drugs Act. It grows naturally, with or without help from humans (cultivation) – it will grow almost anywhere. It exists in nature and existed before human beings. It is not a narcotic, a stimulant (although it may increase drowsiness or stimulate, depending on the circumstances) or cause hallucinations (different to illusions) . It is non-lethal – that is there is no amount possible to consume that will cause death. It is far safer than most plants that grow in our parks and gardens or even in the wild.

Let is consider the term “misuse”. It is different from “muse” and “abuse”.



  1. use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.

    "he was found guilty of misusing public funds"


    put to wrong use, misapply, misemploy,


  1. the wrong or improper use of something.

    EG: "drugs of such potency that their misuse can have dire consequences"

So we may ask: what is the “purpose” of cannabis? With most manufactured substances and articles that would mean why was it made? With plants we must ask why did nature or God produce it and for what reason does man cultivate or possess it. Of course the first question is largely a matter of philosophy or beliefs. The second question is a matter for the person (or persons) cultivating, possessing and using the plant.

Cannabis has been around humans and used by humans for many thousands of years. It was once a common plant used by almost everyone, commonly called, in English, Hemp..

In the work Culpeper’s Complete Herbal of 1652, it was written:


This is so well known to every good housewife in the country, that I shall not need to write any description of it.

Time. It is sown in the very end of March, or beginning of April, and is ripe in August or September.

Government and virtues. It is a plant of Saturn, and good for something else, you see, than to make halters only. The seed of Hemp consumes wind, and by too much use thereof disperses it so much that it dries up the natural seed for procreation; yet, being boiled in milk and taken, helps such as have a hot dry cough. The Dutch make an emulsion out of the seed, and give it with good success to those that have the jaundice, especially in the beginning of the disease, if there be no ague accompanying it, for it opens obstructions of the gall, and causes digestion of choler. The emulsion or decoction of the seed stays lasks and continual fluxes, eases the cholic, and allays the troublesome humours in the bowels, and stays bleeding at the mouth, nose, or other places, some of the leaves, being fried with the blood of them that bleed, and so given them to eat. It is held very good to kill the worms in men or beasts; and the juice dropped into the ears kills worms in them; and draws forth earwigs, or other living creatures gotten into them. The decoction of the root allays inflammations of the head, or any other parts: the herb itself, or the distilled water thereof doth the like. The decoction of the root eases the pains of the gout, the hard humours of knots in the joints, the pains and shrinking of the sinews, and the pains of the hips. The fresh juice mixed with a little oil and butter, is good for any place that hath been burnt with fire, being thereto applied.

Nowadays, around the world, cannabis is widely accepted to have many medicinal uses; that is cannabis with or without large THC: CBD ratios. Those medicinal uses include the amelioration of many aches and pains caused by mild or serious illnesses and injuries, reduction or cessation of muscular spasms and epileptic fits, reduction of intraocular pressures that cause glaucoma, easing breathing in asthma sufferers, aiding sleep and boosting appetite, counteracting the negative effects of chemotherapy and not least reduction of stress, one of the biggest causes of illness, absenteeism, violence and premature death. It is used to treat mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and psychosis (especially CBD extracts). Cannabis is also claimed, with mounting evidence, to cure cancers and tumours. Cannabis is widely used to boost inspiration and creativity by artists and musicians; to enable and improve socialisation. It is used simply for fun, recreation or to created good feelings and moods.

Cannabis is now cultivated by Pharmaceutical companies such as GW Pharmaceuticals who produce Sativex sprays supplied to sufferers of, for instance, Multiple Sclerosis: Sativex is a full cannabis extract in alcohol with an added peppermint flavour; in The Netherlands it is prescribed by doctors in herbal form, granulated and standardised and produced by Bedrocan. The supply of cannabis medicinal products on prescription was “legalised” in the UK just a couple of years ago. In fact, the UK is one of the largest exporters of cannabis for “medicinal purposes” cultivated by British Sugar Corporation (BSC). Incidentally, whilst the sick and healthy are daily raided by police and dragged through the courts, the spouses of MP’s such as Theresa May (ex-Prime Minister) and Victoria Atkins (Drugs Minister) are major investors in GW and BSC.

But the use of cannabis do not stop there. It includes its use as a sacrament in many religions and beliefs, their practices, rites and rituals,
including Rastafarianism, Coptic Christianity, Hinduism and Jainism, Sufism, Buddhism and many new age religious movements.

Cannabis and Hemp (cannabis with low THC content) has many industrial uses as a source of fibre and fuel. It can be used to make fuel capable of running our homes, our cars and even our planes. It can be and is used in the production of paper, building materials such as bricks and shelving, furniture, plastics, canvas for sails and artist's paintings, clothing, oils for lubrication or for paints etc, The list is almost endless.

The seed fro m the cannabis plant is one of the most nutritious seeds on earth:

The Nutritional Contents of Cannabis Seeds and Their Health Benefits

There is no real nutritional difference between hemp seeds and cannabis seeds, even if the latter ends up growing into a plant that contains high amounts of THC.

This is because cannabinoids such as THC, the compound known for its psychoactive properties, do not exist in the seed. These compounds are only present in the stem, stalk, l eaves and flower of the plant itself.

The same applies to other cannabinoids such as the popular CBD, as well as flavonoids, terpenes, etc. This is why cannabis seeds on their own aren’t used for therapeutic purposes. But what they lack in that department, they make up for in nutritional contents and general health benefits.

The nutrition contained in a cannabis seed is quite frankly incredible. Starting with protein, cannabis seeds provide a complete source of the nutrient as they contain all nine essential amino acids. Since your body cannot produce these nine acids, it needs to obtain them from external sources. Very few plants are complete sources like cannabis seeds.

On the outer shell of a cannabis seed, you’ll find most of its firer contents. Around 35% of a cannabis seed is composed of essential fatty acids, including omega 3,6,9 and GLA.

As if that wasn’t enough, cannabis seeds also contain iron, copper, potassium, zinc, magnesium, folic acid, manganese, vitamin E and a number of B vitamins, including riboflavin, folate, thiamine and vitamin B6. Furthermore, cannabis seeds are highly digestible. You can eat them cooked, raw, shelled, unshelled… the sky’s the limit.

Taken from

This article could be expanded to many pages to show the many uses of cannabis. For further reference please see:

I think it is safe to conclude that CANNABIS HAS VERY MANY USES, both on an individual and industrial level.

So to return to the original issue: what is the “Misuse” of cannabis? How is it used for reasons other than for intentional beneficial use? What are the misuses? To get high? To feel good? To harm others?

To me it us abundantly clear that the inclusion of cannabis as a scheduled classified substance of misuse in the Misuse of Drugs Act and the prohibition that goes along with that, its origins and application, are at best erroneous and smells of corruption, infringes upon Rights to a Private Life and the Choice and Practice of Belief (and other Articles), nationally and internationally, wrongly favouring big industry over the individual, unjustifiably flying in the face of evidence and fact, and 



Monday, 18 January 2021


 It seems that so many people think that they can find peace by putting the world right but apart from the difficulties in that, what may be "right" for some will not be right for everyone. 

In TRUTH peace lies within us all - that is where we can find it, that is where we FEEL it and that is where we must LOOK for it - then we will have peace in this world, even if not everyone else does too. Peace is an individual experience that we need to prioritise and realise. 

But I do "wish" it on everyone, even warmongers.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

My stance on cannabis and the law

As regards cannabis and the law:

I do not have a new stance, it is a matter of semantics.

In the "old" way I used the words, my stance has not changed - I want cannabis removed from the Misuse of Drugs Act, I still believe that the use of cannabis ought to be a matter of choice and no victim no crime. I am against licensing for personal cultivation, I support collective grows and want consumer protection for customers.

What has changed for me is that I now see the law applies to people not substances, therefore I focus on human activities.

I believe what a person does in their own homes and as part of their chosen belief should not be against any law so long as they do no harm to or put at risk other people or their Rights..

I believe that legalisation of possession is not necessary, removing the office from law is essential, hence decriminalisation of the activities of personal possession, non-profit sharing, cultivation for ow use or collectively or by a carer, should not be offences and hence my support for WTU challenge against the statutes as they are unjustifiable and the application is contrary to human rights.

Neither do I support civil punishments for the same reason. When it comes to supply, legalisation is the word, that is bringing the supply within the laws to allow consumer protection, taxation on PROFITS, accurate labelling, wights, purity, with age restrictions and that would require some sort of register or licensing of suppliers,

That is legalisation of the ACT of supply, decriminalisation of the act of possession and non-commercial cultivation. So I do not see that my stance has changed at all. I support the petition because it calls for a halt to prosecutions of cultivation in private - that does not mean that I am against collective grows or CSCs, coffeeshops or cannabis shops, social sharing or in fact that I think that possession of other "drugs" should remain offences in law.

I am not a "member" of any group except facebook groups and have not been since leaving LCA. And I don't want to be; I do not want to speak for or represent other groups: I have no faith in UKCIA, UPA, NORML UP, CISTA or CLEAR

I can assure you that it is simply the words I use and the meaning that may have changed, not my stance or opinions, and I am not asking anyone to follow me, certainly not following anyone else.. that is the trouble with words, even written words

Regarding calling for total “legalisation”, just look and see what has happened in Canada - they have certainly legalised it which means it is now in the hands of government and pharmers.

I say just leave us alone, with our choices, so long as we harm nobody, the only problem with that "illegal" and uncontrolled supply leaves it also in the hands of unscrupulous and untaxable dealers, as well as decent ones. In Spain they allow clubs, but there are still dealers on the streets because it is restricted. In Portugal they have decriminalised possession without any legal supply routes. In Holland they have tolerated supply of cannabis but not for other substances ie drugs, so there are still dealers on the streets.

In the UK it's all heading to give pharmaceutical businesses the monopoly. I hope you understand what I am saying.