Thursday, 12 January 2023

Life on the Brim - Travels in India, Egypt and Ancient Egypt - two books in one

 Life on the Brim: The Autobiography of a Hat (Paperback)

 Two books in one. The adventures of Myhat on the journey to India previously published in “All About My Hat The Hippy Trail 1972” have been described as humorous and educational, whilst “MyHat in Egypt Through the Eyes of a God” takes the reader through modern day tourism in Egypt to fantasy time travel and murder mystery in ancient Egypt.

Now with 360 pages, the reader can enjoy the best of both.

MyHat speaks: “I am a Fedora hat, but no ordinary hat, as I am blessed with the power of observation. I can see and hear through the eyes of the head that I sit on, which enabled me to travel the world and learn.

“These are my memories of my journeys with Al and later with Ed and Ana.

“I first met Al in 1972 in Greece and we travelled on what became known as the Hippy Trail through Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, where Al became impoverished and ill. After several stays in hospital we returned to the UK.

“Those were remarkable times, passing through countries and cities that nowadays, in 2022, are often inaccessible and far more dangerous than in the days of drugs and flower-power.

“Later I was passed to a new head, a man called Ed, and was fortunate to visit Egypt with his lady Ana.

“We saw Cairo and Luxor with their many pyramids, temples and tombs in 1989 and 1990. Once again we visited Luxor in 2010, and travelled 4000 years into the past where something even more extraordinary happened.

“So these are my tales of love, mystery, history and murder on the Nile.”


Friday, 30 December 2022

On Resolutions: Don't Let Me Tell You What To Do: A Poem



by Alun Buffry

I don't need no New Year's resolutions.
They gave me no solutions
To problems that I'd thought I'd had,
As life was good and seldom bad.

I gave up giving up,
If I want a drink a glass I'll sup.
If I want to toke, I'll have a puff
And easy stop when I've had enough.

I know we're just not all the same,
Not in body, mind or name,
But if your life you want to change,
Just make no promises, avoid the shame.

Take control of your own life,
Don't blame the husband or the wife,
Realise that inside you should feel strong
There is no Right, there is no wrong.

There be no guilt as there is no blame,
There is no guilt, should be no shame,
We've all be told what we should do,
By those that don't really know the real you.

Don’t wait for revolution.
Don’t sink in convolution.
The answer’s in the question’s seen.
So I say don’t listen to me

Don't let me tell you how to be.
Live your life for you are free,
To choose to say, to think, to do,
And day by day you will get through.



Saturday, 24 December 2022

Christmas strikes strike down the joy for many


This may not be a very popular post but really, postal workers striking on Dec 24th, trains striking over Christmas? 

Surely the people that will suffer from this are the people, not the bosses, not the shareholders, not the government, not the millionaires. 

Make no mistake I do believe these poorer workers and especially nurses, ambulance drivers etc, should get a better salary, I do agree that MP's awarding themselves continuing bonuses and expenses is atrocious, that energy companies and others are making unreasonable profits by charging outrageous fees which we seem to be able to do nothing about – my own gas bill is three times that of last year, I notice how the price of many essentials even in my local Coop shop have increased ridiculously n the last few days, even locally produced eggs - which I attribute to greed not events in Ukraine or simply Brexit - but could not these strikes be held when they hit less hard the people at this time of year who want to see their love ones? 

So the people may have to wait until after Christmas to get their cards, the children may have to wait to get their gifts, people may not be able to travel by train to see their families - and I have to say that I think that a shame. 

Somebody said to me "the Government will not listen and will not act, what else can they do?" My own answer is to strike at other times, times when it would hit businesses and the economy and not the general public that have no say. 

I expect a few will disagree with me but hey, just remember neither you nor I really have any say in all this, and that is the problem.


Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Bag of Dirt - a poem by Alun Buffry



I thought I was a bag of dirt,

A bag that hoped and loved and hurt,

A bag of cosmic dust,

That aches and yearns and feels a must.

I thought I was a bag of dirt.

That grows a beard and wears a shirt,

A bag that talks and laughs and thinks,

A dirtbag, I hope it doesn't stink.

Joni sang we are just stardust,

Sounds to me she had it sussed;

Golden though from out the garden,

Stardust that can melt or harden.

This bag of dirt it has a life,

It makes an effort battling strife,

What is its purpose some may ask,

Is it to fulfil some divine task?

This dirt was born and will surely die,

 And in between those walls is I,

One thing more I want to say,

Make best of life I try each day.



 Taken from Facebook 

Dan Price

As 10,000 ambulance staff strike today because the government wont pay our frontline NHS workers a decent wage we are advised "Dont take any risks".

So let me get this straight, people are told not to turn their heating on if they can't afford it, not to eat to much if they are tight of cash, not to send gifts or present, not to travel, and now not to have an accident get ill or god forbid a heart attack.
How much will it cost to give the pay rise they want, 30 billion, how much did the conservatives spunk on truss's mini budget? 30 billion.
And we had the cheek to slag off Qatar's standards, they treat their people much better then this.
This government are a disgrace.


Monday, 12 December 2022

What is being offered? A pathway to Peace.

PREM RAWAT offers a PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE of PEACE within inside yourself.

It is not a philosophy, religion, concept or belief.

He does not ask for payment, just that each person gives it a chance and makes the daily effort of practising the four techniques to look within, for an hour of ones time.

He does not ask that anyone believe anything, hold or change a religion. There is no mantra to learn and repeat, simply an experience to have.

Recently, Prem repeated again a promise that he made over 50 years ago: "Give me love and I will give you peace."

The pathway is simple. Prem has created a series on on-line videos, each about 5 minutes long, called PEAK, which people can watch and enjoy at their own pace, on their smart phones or tablets. At the end of the series it is possible to apply for KNOWLEDGE and then simply wait until a Knowledge session is arranged for you to attend. There are also plenty of other videos of Prem speaking available on his YouTube site and the TimelessToday website.

To watch the PEAK series, simply download the TimelessToday app. Open the app and in the drop-down menu top right click on PEAK.

Simply register and watch and enjoy. There is no fee.



Saturday, 10 December 2022


by Alun Buffry, May 1982


Thank you my Lord,
For showing me Light.
Thank you my Lord,
For putting me right.

Thank you my Lord,
For Divine Harmony.
Thank you my Lord
For rescuing me.

Thank you my Lord,
For your Holy Word.
Tie me, oh Lord,
With your Holy Cord.

Thank you my Lord,
For Nectar so sweet.
Thank you my Lord,
For your Holy Feet.

Thank you my Lord,
For showing the way.
I pray you my Lord,
In your Grace I can stay.

Thank you my Lord,
For your Constant Love.
Hold me my Lord,
In your blissful glove.

Thank you my Lord,
For all that's within.
For lifting me out
Of an ocean of sin.

I pray you my Lord,
To bless me with sight,
And shine through me Lord,
All day and all night.

I pray you my Lord,
To carry me through,
All my mind's mountains
And return to you.

Without you my Lord,
I know I'll be lost
And on I will wonder
At my own life's cost.

Thank you my Lord,
And thank you again,
For harmonious colours
Of the sweet Holy Name


Happy Birthday PREM RAWAT

Happy Birthday PREM RAWAT

It's Prem Rawat's 65th birthday, Dec 10th. I found this page where people can send greetings, messages, express themselves or ask question, although he obviously does not have time to respond to them all, he says he reads them all. 

Friday, 2 December 2022

How to get people to like you - or at least how to think people do like you!

It is hard to like a person if you think they don't like you and it is hard to smile at them. And they have the same problem.

It's actually easier to smile at somebody that you may not like or care about. Lot's of people do that, from politicians to actors, doormen to shop assistants, even complete strangers.

It's also hard to start liking somebody that one just doesn't like or to make somebody to start liking you.

Now remember that much of our lives, our attitudes, feelings and opinions, are actually controlled much by our subconscious minds and that are subconscious minds are like blackboards or computers, incapable of distinguishing what is good or true from what is not. They just record stuff and that can be based to a large extent on what we hear, what we are told and on repetition. Remember the hundred lines in school. Repeat something often enough and people may start believing it. Media and politicians do that. Also just because one likes a person does not mean that the person is honest - all conmen try to be likeable and believable otherwise their scams won't work. 

So what is the solution? We can see the problem, easy, two people just don't like each other and that is not easy to change.

But to change what we think, may be easier!

We have to change what is written on the blackboard and no, we don't need to write a hundred lines although that may even help! We need to change what our subconscious mind is whispering to us.

What if we THOUGHT a person likes us even if they don't? And that does not mean trusting them, liking them or falling to their scams. It just makes it easier to smile at them and that may make it easier to make them think you like them and maybe even easier for them to like you and smile back. Two people smiling at each other must surely be better than two people scowling at each other!

So how do we change what is written on the blackboard? We overwrite it through repetition.

It is important to do that by making positive statements out loud and I stress out load (I don't mean shouting). Even if those repetitions are not actually true. We speak as if they are.

For example, try this: out loud, say "I am glad ...... like me" (use their name or image)

Say that three times.

Do that three times a day, once just before going to sleep.

Believe me it works!

And it works on many things. Your subconscious mind will start believing that they actually like you!

It even works on other aspects of life. "I am glad I eat less" - "I am glad I go for a walk after lunch every day" - "I am glad I am good at getting jobs" - "I am glad I am good at exams" - "I am glad I can remember people's names"

I have seen that work for people and I have seen it work for me - I am of course now good at all of that!!