Sunday, 11 April 2021


 The problem is and always has been that the law is run by people paid to perpetuate the system, good or bad, there are many businesses from the legal profession through the pharmaceutical industry and synthetics and fuel producers to illegal suppliers that have and wish to continue to make huge profits. Just look at how long it took Phil to find just ONE solicitor that would even take on the case, just look at how solicitors want their clients to plead guilty, how so few barristers would risk arguing with a judge, how judges misdirect the jury, how they want to side-step any challenge to the law itself and want to avoid consideration of Human Rights, how Tories and Labour parties consistently ignore evidence an spout the same nonsense, how the Church refuses to help us .... for sure under a tyrannical government backed by profiteers and ruling population most of whom are afraid the "rock the boat", OUR OPPONENT IS MASSIVE, well financed and backed by armed forces.

But none of that is new, it's been like that for decades -and even when people stood us as candidates in elections, most consumers did not vote for them; every campaign has been underfunded - there has been more raise din FINES than for all the campaign groups put together, ... then there's Cancard, the success of which (at least in marketting the cards) is due to fear of arrest and weak promises of get-out-of-jail-free.
So, for me, it is a constant ISSUE - do I bother carrying on campaigning when quite clearly most consumers don't give a damn unless it's to ease their own suffering, or avoid their own arrest?
That's why so many campaigners have dropped out - basically due to lack of support from what some (wrongly in my opinion) call the cannacommunity or cannafamily (surely not family of millions that won't help).
Nobody said our route was going to be easy - I said years ago at a conference that it was like a few people pushing a truck up a hill whilst others sat on the wall clapping instead of helping, each with their own reason for not actually helping, and then the people pushing stopped, the truck rolled back down the hill and people came and built obstacle on the road so if people started pushing again it would be even harder.
Then of course there are the go's running the campaign groups that all say "we want the same" but won't actually help or prefer to argue over tactics!
One would think with 4 millions consumers raising even half a million should be possible. With 250,000 people having signed a petition that JUST £2 each; with BILLIONS spent on cannabis every year ....
So we must each make our decision on what we do, do we help or not, or just leave it up to others?
For me it's a burn - I see INJUSTICE and I want to stop it and that is WHAT DRIVES ME - my inspiration comes from within me, nobody else although it does help and inspires me to see others TRYING.