Wednesday, 23 July 2014

cannabis prohibition - is it actually due to the huge profits

"first a WARNING - to those suffering - posts such as the one below from balogh - do not send money, chances are they are conmen and in any case highly illegal.

"and that is the second problem - why is cannabis illegal to grow and possess even in one's own home?

"Why did Mr Cutler have to risk is freedom by using oil illegally produced, when a pahramaceutical company is allowed to grow the plants to extract all the active constitituents and make an expensive alcohol-based spray called Sativex, mainly for pain and MS, but so expensive that many health authorities refuse to supply it?

"one can of spray costing over £100 - one could grow the plants and make oil safely and efficiently at home for just a few pounds.

"the claim that cannabis can halt or cure cancer has been around since the 1970's, ignored by governments and cancer research charities, whilst people take ineffective treatments that save just a few lives and make many people worse, at great cost and great profit to the pharmaceutical giants.


"is it actually due to the huge profits?

"People need to demand that the oil be produced and prescribed - and it's already being grown and made to make Sativex, which makes a mockery of the Misuse of Drugs Act schedules that say cannabis has no medicinal uses.

"Corruption leading to premature death - somebody has to answer for that!"
Cannabis oil cured my terminal cancer

CANCER patient Mike Cutler yesterday hailed cannabis as a miracle cure for the disease after his symptoms vanished when he began taking the drug.

Mike, 63, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009 and was given a transplant. But in late 2012 he learned cancer had attacked the replacement organ.

In desperation he began researching online and found a YouTube video advocating the use of cannabis oil for cancer.

He decided to try it – and claims that three days after taking the banned Class B drug his excruciating pain disappeared. Two weeks later he began coughing up blood, which he believes contained the dead cancer cells.

The grandfather-of-nine went for a biopsy at the Royal Free Hospital in London in May and doctors told him the cancer cells had gone.
Retired builder Mike, of Hastings, East Sussex, recalled: “Finding I could die was terrible, so I began searching for something that could help me.

“I couldn’t accept that I was going to die. And when I found I was cured I was completely shocked.

“I’m a normal family man, not a druggie. But I had a serious illness and this helped. I can’t believe cannabis oil isn’t being used regularly as a treatment. It is a miracle cure. The NHS should use it.”

Mike resorted to illegally buying the substance from a dealer and used it to make his own tablets, taking one a day.

He is now campaigning for law changes to allow medicinal use of cannabis.

He spoke at a debate on the subject with Professor David Nutt and Green MP Caroline Lucas in Brighton.

Mike’s claim came as research published last week by the University of East Anglia revealed the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, can help fight cancerous cells.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Decisions on issuing licenses for safe cultivation of cannabis is a breach of Human Rights law by the UK Home Office

Under Human Rights law it is not legal to differentiate in the way authority treats people due to their property

- so in acting, for example, on whether or not, under the present Misuse of Drugs Act, they issue a license for the safe cultivation of cannabis, the Home Office  cannot legally treat people differently simply because they have different property and that would presumably include company directors and employees of say GW Pharmaceuticals.

Yet the owners of GW are given license to cultivate large crops of cannabis and extract the active chemicals into alcohol, for sale as a medication (Sativex) and at high price and profits, yet a person that does not have any ownership in the company will not be issued a license. That seems to me another discrepency between how the Home Office acts and Human Rights law.

All beneficial use is therapeutic - the difference is in urgency of need - the Cannabis Health Service

think that the decision whether or not to prosecute or punish somebody in possession of or for production of cannabis / drugs should be based upon whether or not the person has done harm or put at risk others or their property or Rights or they have threatened public health - as in fact stipulated in Human Rights law - and not on whether or not the person is injured or ill.

Campaigning for better medical access for those in urgent need is a different matter, of health and not law, and what is needed is for the Government to RESCHEDULE cannabis bud (plant materials) and not only Sativex as they have done.

Then cannabis will be available on prescription in the form of BEDROCAN, sterilised and standardised, through doctors and pharmacies as in The Netherlands, Italy and other countries and as Sativex but beware - that does not mean that doctors will be willing to prescribe it or that it will be free - in Netherlands one has to pay and a little more expensive than coffeeshops.

That would also not mean that it would become legal to grow cannabis even only for own use.

To enable that the campaign must DEMAND that the law respect Human Rights, specifically to a Private Life, to freedom to choose and practice ones belief and to equity of property between cannabis and, for example, alcohol.

Such a demand cannot be a demand only for one type of person for example those that are ill or injured, it must be applied the same for everyone (that is the acknowledgement of Human Rights not access to prescribed cannabis)

Also as we know cannabis has tremendous value as PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE - and as Clark French and previously Granny Pat Tabram, Chris Baldwin, The Late Biz Ivol, and many others that suffer and have found their suffering eased through consumption of cannabis, have said ALL USE IS MEDICINAL.

I agree with them - at best the line between "medicinal benefit" and "getting high" is vague, to my mind it is false. There is only use - therapeutic use. All else is degree of urgency of need.

So I think this campaign will need to focus on:
1) better access - that is through doctors, pharmacies and clinics
2) stopping prosecutions for possession and cultivation for own use

Then look at supply to adults other than through doctors etc, e.g. CSC's, Coffeeshops, Cannabis Clubs - to make that legal too.

Also Colin Davies has set up an enterprise to raise funds to buy / produce cannabis oil for those that cannot grow their own, many not expecting to live long enough to grow and crop their own.

It is called the CANNABIS HEALTH SERVICE and you can read about his cause and make a donation here