Saturday, 4 May 2019

No more Government war on the CannaCommunity - Please help with a pledge now

16 days left and still need a couple of grand to get started this legal action against the government -please make a PLEDGE and help us reach the target


Message from Phil Monk, creator of "WTU Have Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis: Campaign Group"

No one should ever be criminalised for the fundamental health choice that is cannabis for any reason and WTU seeks to end this political policy of cannabis prohibition through the courts.

I have dedicated myself and, as I'm disabled my wonderful and supportive wife and children have become dedicated too, for the last year to the cause of We The Undersigned, after the overwhelming response to the invitation I made for people to Undersign to WTU, in our quest for a human rights solicitor prepared to raise a legal challenge as a United CannaCommunity against the government's political policy of cannabis prohibition.

This last year has caused me untold levels of pain and has become damaging to my health.

I never set out to seek fame nor glory.

Just the freedom for all to have the right to grow or buy their own cannabis, for their own purposes, without the extreme prejudice and malice from the State.

In doing so, I have also risked everything that I love and cherish in my life: my wife, children, home and liberty.

I was never asked to take on this role nor did I even plan to end up where WTU is today.

Your beliefs in our fundamental human rights to freedom of consciousness, expression of identity, peaceful association, private beliefs and practises in the many benefits of cannabis and our rights to be able to determine for ourselves what is best for our health, is what has made WTU grow as quickly as we have.

You are the WTU CannaCommunity.

But I have done almost all I can do to get our human rights claim before the barristers for review.

I can do NO more and now it MUST come down to YOU!

As broke as we all are, we have to find a way as a community to make this happen.

It is incredible the progress so far!

A huge thank you to all who have contributed to the crowd justice fundraiser campaign to try and make this happen.

The £3229 raised so far is amazing and we are just over half way to the initial target that we must meet in the remaining 18 days, or else the cause flops! And with it WTU!

But it is also disappointing to see that, although WTU has over 3600 members now, only 135 members have pledged to the campaign.

I understand about poverty, I have lived it for too many years. Hence the WTU Health and Family First Policy.

But if the campaign continues at this rate it will not have any hope of success.

So if you believe in freedom and the WTU aims please share the campaign every where you can, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, write to your favourite celebrity, magazine or newspaper.

Tell friends and family.

We need to get this out there for maximum exposure and increase hope of success.

Also, More pledges are needed, otherwise it will have all been for nought and WTU will end with the crowd justice fundraiser.

All petitions are ignored. Democracy denied.

This could be the only way to end the government driven ideological war on the CannaCommunity.

Here is the link to the fundraiser page.

Please share on all platforms and contribute what you can.

Together we can do this!

Phil Monk WTU