Saturday, 8 October 2016

CBD Cannabis Medicines and the rest of us

On the issues of that wonderful plant that is not considered to have any medicinal values by the UK Government and others, yet contains two substances now classed as medcines, THC and CBD extracts.

Of course the THC and CBD extracts will cost more than on the "street" when extracted, purified, verified pure and delivered in standardised doses, BUT, as with all licensed medications, people will know it is pure and excatly what is being said on the label, if indeed there was one.

Sure, the price may be higher but the knowledge of purity will be there.

Now that the UK Government has decided to reschedule CBD as a medicine, those that have been supplying it on line and off-line, possibly with no real indications of purity or dose, will be less happy that the producers who will satisfy the medicines criteria, probably the bigger pharmaceutical companies such as GW who presently control the supply and profits of THC through its expensive and hard-to-get Sativex.

Yet surely this is exactly what the "endourpain" campaign that has been calling for more cannabis medicine, and exactly what the government minister promised last year at the farce debate ina side-chamber in Parliament which was supposed to be about all cannabis consumers.

We'll have to wait and see, but we know that the criteria for legal supply which has to be approved by the MHRA will come alongside an increase in price (sand supposedly, safety).
I have said all along, that a campaign based upon the demand for more "cannabis medicine" will be successful and result in more pharmaceutical cannabis roducts and extracts, NOT any change in law regarding cultivation or supply of the cannais plant or even possession.

The existence of such legally prescribable or approved extracts will also counteract any mitigation in court.

The way the campaign has been going, demanding regulations and medicine rather than fundamental Rights and Freedoms, is responsible for the changes we can see happening right now - those that have been thinking only of themselves, those that have been seeking profits, will be well-pleased.

It does nothing - it may even be a step backwards - from seeing the law changed for any of us.