Monday, 1 April 2019

Taken from "The Effie Enigma, The Motherless Mothers" by Alun Buffry





Published by ABeFree Publishing: 2019
ISBN 978 099 32107 9 2

Copyright @ Alun Buffry April 2019


Using portable worm holes, mind download and Pure Information Clones, led by artificial super-intelligence, mankind is ready to colonise the galaxy.

Now, after decades of sabotage against Project Outreach, ZX, FE and QT meet to uncover connections.

When future and past become entangled, they face a quandary: should they risk their very existence to prevent the enslavement of humanity for ever or let be what will be?

But who is Effie and what part did LSD play in this?


My name is Effie Vierzehn and I am 18 years old, so I have recorded my birth as 1910 Earth time and these are my first impressions after my arrival in Zurich in Earth year 1928.

I awoke naked in a field. I was immediately aware of the soft, cool material against my skin. Opening my eyes, I knew that I was laying on grass. I had never seen or felt grass before. I looked up towards an amazing blue sky with wisps of white clouds.

Standing over me was a man that I recognised as one of the Cuties, probably Cutie 6 as that was the plan. But he looked much older than back on our home world.

Then I remembered that Cutie 6 had arrived at least 27 years before me so had aged 27 years in Earth time.

I got to my feet quickly and dressed in the clothes held out to me by Cutie, clothes suitable for Zurich Mother Earth, year 1928. Strange clothes with several layers. Not exactly comfortable!

Cutie 6 explained to me that he had already been living in Zurich for over twenty-five years, preparing the ground. He had enrolled in Chemistry at the University of Zurich, qualified with a top-level degree and gained a Professorship and had made contact with Hofmann. He had continued with teaching sciences at the University of Zurich and met Einstein in 1903; they had become great acquaintances although he could not say friends. It would be easy for him to introduce me.

QT6, whom I shall call Quentin, is 27 years older than me. I do find him attractive. I will always think of him as Cutie. He has grown his blond hair over his ears and has a beard.

Like all the Effie's, I am of superior intellect, as were the Cuties. SMILEY, our Super Artificial Intelligent master, teacher and provider, had assured that we all had expert knowledge in a wide range of subjects, including chemistry, physics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics and theoretical mathematics as well as philosophy, history and geography. I am already fluent in a dozen ancient languages including English. German, French, Italian, Russian and Mandarin.

I think it would be easy for me to fit in at the University, and progress rapidly to some research department where I will try to work alongside Hofmann.

As I followed Cutie Sechs to my new accommodation, I marvelled at everything.

I never expected anything like this.

First there were the trees. I knew about trees. Or at least I had read about them, it was a special interest of mine.

Such beauty!

Suddenly I spotted them. Some amongst the trees, on the grass or floating in the sky. Birds! Yes, I had seen vids of all this, but the experience of being amongst it all was so exhilarating, so inspiring, that I almost fainted with bliss.

I spotted men riding what I knew were bicycles, two-wheeled machines of transport driven by leg power. I saw lots of women, many dressed like myself, leading four-legged beasts. They must be dogs, I thought, and from my History lessons I knew that some of these people kept animals as pets, many dogs and cats and that there were also many horses that carried people or pulled carriages or carts. That was a little frightening for me.

There were hundreds of strangely dressed people on their way here or there, along stone pathways. Most of the women wore hats but I could see that underneath they had long hair tied up. I will have to grow my red hair as it was very short on everyone from my time. I want to fit in here.

Cutie pointed out various buildings, saying that some were to house families or individuals, other involved with businesses that dealt in money and others governmental or educational.

Cutie explained that Zurich was a large and busy city with an important University where Einstein lectured and Hofmann studied.

Zurich was an old city in Switzerland and Switzerland had declared neutrality in the World War that had ended a decade ago. On the one hand it meant there was no open fighting or loss of life here and it was even used as refuge. On the other hand it was a city riddled with spies from other countries, spying on each other, but all focussed a lot on research being conducted at the University of Zurich.

I saw those horse-drawn wagons and carriages and even a few ancient motor vehicles.

I am fascinated by ancient witchcraft and psychotropic experiences. I look forward to tripping with Albert. But first I have to meet him. I have to gain his trust. Then I will kill him. That would delay Project Outreach for decades; maybe that will stop the very idea that Hofmann’s LSD trips may generate; maybe I can save mankind.

This has to be tried despite the unsolvable riddle of the obvious time paradox: if I succeed in halting the project for ever, how could I have come back to stop it. I may not have ever existed ; but, right now, I do! Does that mean that I will fail?

I have decided to keep a detailed diary of my life, my meetings, my experiences and thoughts. I know from back on my home-world that already seemed so far away, as of course it was, in both space and time, through SMILEY education on earth history, that diaries were or maybe would, be, discovered late in the twenty first century and would be read by an investigative body at that time, called Connect, but what I do not know is what will be in those diaries or the consequences. Those diaries were, in my time, known as the Vierzehn-Sechs diaries and it is quite conceivable that they were, or would, be written by me!

In that case maybe, I think, they could be used to send messages and warnings two hundred years into the future, beyond my own lifespan.

I don’t even know how long I will live. I know, however, that there is no going back, or rather forward in time, for Cutie or myself.

On that first day, after walking for about one earth hour or so, we arrived at a small two storied house set back away from a busy road and in its own garden with grass and trees and flowers. I could hardly wait to explore it."