Friday, 3 June 2011

"Decriminalise drugs? No way" , says government in wake of global report

So, in the wake of the recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy. in the face of the evidence that reveals without doubt that the policy of prohibition has failed to reduce either the use of certain drugs or the harm caused by that use (some drugs, some users), the disaster brought to society by giving the supply of most drugs to uncontrollable criminals, producers and suppliers, the outcry from experts and public, and the huge financial burden on the taxpayer ...

they simply spout the same nonsense issued twenty years ago, close their ears and say NO!!  Today this was echoed by the Government of Malta.

I have to ask WHY?

What is really behind prohibition?  Who is pulling the strings?  Who is making the profit.

Almost ten years ago the UK Government launched a study into their own drug policy through the Home Affairs Committee which recommended downgrading cannabis to a class C drug.  

Although the Government followed the advice at that time, it was not long before it was reversed - on the unstable grounds that cannabis had suddenly become stronger!   But all forms of cannabis from the most potent to the very weakest, were put back to class B and the maximum sentence for possession once again increased to 5 years in prison, although, strangely, the maximum sentence for supply remained unchanged.

In their report, the Home Affairs Committee also wrote that it would take a brave politician to "legalise" cannabis and that at that stage they had not even considered it.

It is said that politicians fear losing votes if they take that step.

Just a couple of years ago the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) issued a post card inviting people to send it to the Labour Party.

Basically it said that if they upgraded cannabis to class B again, we would not vote for them.

Labour went ahead and lost the election - with so many voting cannabis users in the UK, who knows how much they contributed to the downfall of Labour.

Meanwhile Lib Dems claimed to have a policy towards liberalisation of cannabis cultivation and an end to prosecution for possession.  Yet since entering into Coalition with the Conservatives, themselves led by an ex-user of cannabis (and no doubt one that shred and was hence also technically guilty of supply - David Cameroon), they have seemingly dropped the policy.

So it is time to oust them all!

Cowards the lot - and we don't want our land ruled by cowards!


  1. The Lib Dems sold out faster than the iphone 4 and sony playstation 3 combined. I used to be a member of the LD youth & students in the 90s, they were full of pot smokers, some of them are now MPS.

  2. oust them all indeed !
    Fear should not enter ministers dicision making but rather facts!

  3. The big question as Alun put it who's pulling the strings!

  4. hope so govt should be true.....

  5. Considering how most of the people they are locking away are of voting age or soon to be voting age, how can they say that by legalising they would lose votes? Especially when their own statistics suggest there are a lot of us...surely they should be able to realise that they would increase their votes through legalisation. It sounds like just another lie to cover up the truth.

  6. The way they manage it is by locking up large numbers of people for possessing cannabis, as they do in many parts of the US, and denying prisoners the right to vote. This provides profits for the private prison business, at taxpayer's expense, whilst simultaneously preventing many cannabis users from voting against the politicians who made the laws, under which cannabis users are incarcerated.