Monday, 18 July 2016

The photo competition is heating up

The photo competition is heating up with one well in front, so I ask YOU ALL, take a look at the album of 'All About My Hat' Readers' Pics and give a LIKE or two and help somebody win a mystery prize; just follow the link and click wisely

Better still, get the book and submit a photo of your own, there is still chance for anyone to win. It's on Amazon or you can get a signed copy from me.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Readers photo competition - help by giving some pics a LIKE on Facebook: All About My Hat - The Hippy Trail 1972

Reader's Pic Competition - top scores so far - please share the link on your page and generate more votes:
VOTES SO FAR  ( 16/7/16  )
Paul FourTwenty Kelly 52 
Melissa Dawdaughter 41 
Sy Dignam 35 
Giuseppe Albero 34 
Frank Kirk 27 
Lesley James 21 
Emilio Napoli 20 
Elizabeth Clarke 18 
Nol van Shaik 17 
Jackie Woodchild 16 
Chris Philbin 15 
Phil Norwich 13 
Sharna van-Damme 13 
Kate Midlane 13 
Winston Matthews 13 
Jacqui Maklin 13 
Kevin Traylen 13 
Rocky van de Benderskum 13 
Give your friend's picture a like at:

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