Tuesday, 7 June 2011

UK: Drug grower given chance to avoid jail

I would have thought that it would be better for a person to be growing their own than going out and buying dubious quality from street dealers and giving them all the untaxable profits.


Of course some people may be better off without cannabis - but far worse off if they decide to drink alcohol instead, which is perfectly legal to possess and produce for own use at home, and perfectly legal to buy.

And if this man cannot prove he has stopped using cannabis and is sent to prison - at taxpayers, expense - then I ask you - what good will that do?

It also seems to me that this started as a result of a domestic dispute and I hope the mother realises just what she will be putting her children through by criminalising and possibly imprisoning their father for a so-called crime that never hurt anybody.

It seems to me that a better solution would have been to keep the door locked and keep their lives private
alun, Norwich

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