Monday, 8 March 2021

A message of peace, love, joy, contentment and understanding


Seems to me that so many people live their lives in fear - that is why insurance business booms. People are scared to not take a vaccine and others are scared to take it. People that know cannabis will help ease their suffering are scared to try it. People buy make up and deodorants because they are scared they may look ugly or smell natural (try washing!). People are scared of groups of youths on the streets, or foreigners, scared of not conforming. And government and advertising agencies perpetuated that.

Why do we live our lives in fear. Christianity tells us God is within, as does Islam, Hinduism, Jains and Jews; Buddhists tell us the whole universe is within. Why then do people feel weak and vulnerable.We know life ends, inevitably, for all of us

We know that this world will never give us the love and peace and freedom that we all want. Even the most rich and famous and powerful, healthy and strong, never get what they want from this world.

Most of us have felt love and peace and contentment and it is so obvious that we felt it inside ourselves, not outside. Maybe outer circumstances enabled us to experience those inner feelings for a while and doing more and more of the same thing or relying on outer circumstances does not work.

So why does it take us so long to WAKE up and realise that the smell of the coffee, or whatever,maybe outside but after a while it wears off and all along it was the APPRECIATION that was vital.

When will we learn that those inner experiences exist all the time, every second, if we can only tune into them without having to change the outer world. That we can feel love and peace EVEN when there is no love or peace outside. That we can feel joy and contentment even when not everything outside is perfect.

So the only question is really - HOW? Who has that key and how can we get it.

There may be lots of ways, maybe lots of people that can show us how, give us a gift we already have.

I know of only one in my lifetime and what he showed to me is still of such tremendous value to me which is why I want to help others to find it, within themselves. His name is Prem Rawat

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