Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Campaign to stop people growing their own cannabis at home

 I was thinking of starting a campaign to arrest all the people in the UK that defy the law and grow their own cannabis or possess and consume cannabis even in their own homes ....

 ... then I thought, oh yeah, there's been a campaign like that going on since at least the 1960's
and what's more it has had BILLIONS of pounds made available by all the Governments since then, thousands of police available at their call, supported by BOTH the two large UK political parties, members and leaders of churches and the media ...
and yet they have FAILED miserably - not only that but they have opened up an illicit market for far more risky substances and driven people to addictive, dangerous and often weakly effective pharmaceutical prescription pills
plus there are more people growing and consuming cannabis than ever before, even smoking it in the parks and on the streets PLUS they have opened the gateway for large criminal organisations that sell at high prices and often bad quality and contaminated cannabis
an estimated 300,000 people growing and several million regular consumers, with just about 135,000 police in England and Wales ....
What a costly, ineffective and badly run campaign that has been!
And people say the campaign to legalise cannabis has gotten nowhere.
Thing is we, every one of us in some way, has paid for that prohibition enforcement campaign and few of us have contributed to the anti-prohibition campaign. Just imagine if the legalisation campaigns had even a tiny fraction of what we have paid in taxes to enforce a law against ourselves.


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