Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Published Letter: Law Must Be Changed - Liverpool Echo

I READ your article Cannabis: what you need to know ( ECHO, July 21) with great interest.

About cannabis you reported: “smoking cannabis holds the same risks as smoking a normal cigarette. Psychologically, is to reported to cause anxiety and paranoia in some users.

“The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs found a ‘probable but weak causal link between psychotic illness and cannabis use’. Cannabis is not chemically addictive.”

So I have to ask why the Government is pending billions of pounds taxpayers’ money trying to stop people growing and using it. Why are they so set at treating cannabis users differently to people that choose to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, both known to be dangerous and addictive to some people and with a definite causal link between booze and psychotic illness.

Clearly the law is wrong and the lawmakers have some explaining to do.

Alun Buffry, by email

Ref: http://www.ccguide.org/news/shownewsarticle.php?articleid=16412


Liverpool Echo, July 26 2011

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