Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Zealand Courts miss the target on Justice on Cannabis Carer?

Although pleased to read that Peter Davy has not been sent to prison (although he will imprisoned in his own home under detention) I would hate to be in his position - as would most people.

Now he has to decide whether to risk the criminal world and try to buy some, or to risk prison by growing it again.

What a terrible choice New Zealand Law without Justice has put upon this man and what an unenviable position he is now in.

For sure as Mr Davy said, a discharge would have been better - it would also have been FAR more just

Cannabis grower's partner pleased to see him home
Date: July 6 2011
By Anna Burns-Francis

A cannabis grower who threatened to go on hunger strike if he was jailed will spend the next six months on home detention - and his partner's delighted he's coming home.
Peter Davy was growing 45 rare cannabis plants in his backyard, but says he was only growing the plants for medicinal purposes - to help his chronically ill partner, Tracey Perrin.
Before court he reiterated that he was prepared to go on a hunger strike if sent to jail - in protest that he wouldn't be able to care for Ms Perrin, who has multiple sclerosis.
Ms Perrin is “truly thrilled” at the home detention, and is relieved her partner’s home tonight.
“For him to come home, it's the absolute best, it truly is,” she says.
One of Davy’s supporters, Jasmine Hewlett, says the outcome is “just fantastic”.
“Convicted and discharged would have been better but in all reality home detention ...he can look after Tracey, get on with their lives,” she says.
The judge has warned Davy that jail's a real possibility if he's back in court again.

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